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Japan Swine Flu

Fri 2009/05/01 05:26 JST

Looks like Swine Flu makes it debut in Japan:-

The passenger, a Japanese woman, was transported from the airport by ambulance to Japanese Red Cross Narita Hospital. The woman, accompanied by quarantine officers wearing protective suits, walked into the hospital without assistance.

Around 10 other passengers who were seated nearby will be transported to another facility by bus for further examinations, according to the sources.

And what do Japanese folks think of this?:-

-Its all over.
-Its the beginning of the end.
-Announcing the end of Japan.
-Lets enjoy the end of the world.
-Nuke Narita!
-Crap - I'm going to die a virgin.
-Dont let anybody who goes overseas back in Japan.
-This is not funny.
-Let the game begin.

So how do you feel about the panic? I must admit that I was concerned when SARS was about. I remember that I was trying to get my boss to cancel my business trip to Paris because I read about some passengers getting sick on planes.

Regarding the current situation. I'm not doing anything in particular. I still come home to gargle and wash my hands but am not wearing a mask or avoiding heavily populated areas. Are you taking any precautions due to Swine Flu?

Japanese report on Swine Flu below.

Speaking of virus outbreaks - the Dustin Hoffman and Morgan Freeman film Outbreak was quite a good film - watched it quite a few times over the years. Has great metal Gear Soid type music during the movie.

Image from my previous Japanese Pets post.

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