How to wake and leave in 5 mins

Posted by Danny Choo On Sat 2009/04/25 13:06 JST In Japan
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Originally seen on Japan Probe but forgot to write about it - thank the good lord for the one-click-hijack(tm) feature ^^;

For those who take too long getting ready to get out the door.

I usually give myself plenty of time to get out the door but give myself only just enough time to get to my destination. This is because I don't want to spend time waiting around at the other end for a meeting to start and would rather use that time at home replying to mails or whatever. This does mean that I end up rushing around once out the door though.

Original text from Cyberchaos below.

*Warning: Partial comedic nudity... but no bare dolphins*

I often take up to 30min getting myself out the door, so im definitely taking some of this in my morning routine. Especially the tie one.
We often hear of the common Japanese salaryman being full of stress, etc. But this puts a pretty good exercise routine in your morning and makes it quite exciting!

Found via: Gizmodo

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