Dollfie Fate

Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2009/04/13 15:11 JST In Dollfie
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Did I mention it was a Dollfie day?
Thought I'd share some of the juicy bits from this months Volks member magazine "Volks News."
Flick open to find this gorgeous Dollfie Fate. Gorgeous gauntlet. Dollfie Fate will retail for 81,900 yen. More pics at Volks - click on the thumbnails.

Also available will be their grey and black uniforms. More pics at Volks.

And the Rin Tosaka that we saw earlier on.

And the other set of Rin clothing.

Clannad and Little Busters outfits for Yukino and Aoi.

Two more new DD outfits.

And the cover of the mag running next to my spanking new Dell Mini 9 with OSX - Managed to fix the remaining one problem - now its perfect ^o^

So how many have we manged to convert from Dollfie dislikers to Dollfie appreciators? ^^;

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