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Anime Statues

Posted by Danny Choo On Tue 2009/07/28 08:58 JST In Good Smile Company
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Being a distributor for companies like Max Factory was something that Good Smile Company started off doing and then eventually started to manufacture quality figures themselves. Today we look at Good Smile's flagship product Nendoroid and other figures that they manufacture and distribute.

Here we have Mikatan and the boss Aki-san.

This photo was taken before doors opened - this bunch alone are just the dealers.

Tales to Tiara Riannon and Arawn. Never got round to watching this. How was the series?

Girls from Kodomo no Jikan. Usa Mimi and Kagami Kuro join Kokonoe Rin.

Nendoroid Puchi Death Note.

Nendoroid Puchi Idol Master.

Completely forgot who these two are.

Thats not Shirley is it?

Triela from Gunslinger Girl.


Mecha goodness in the form of Dragonar-1 from Max factory - out next month.

World is Mine Miku.

Nendoroid Ein from Phantom.

Err, this is not Ein too is it? Next to the Phantom stuff.

Actsta Subaru. Good Smile want to make sure your pockets are left dry.

K-on (keion) Nendoroids.

Yui - cute!

Mio - the first one to be released out of the bunch.

Kotobiki Tsumugi Nendoroid.

You get a set of drums with Ritsu Tainaka.

Ryogi gives you the evil eye.

Until I started to watch Canaan, I thought she was a "he" ^^;

The Good Smile mascot Gumako.

Crying Miku.

Gorgeous GSC Saber.

Lovely face.

Nendoroid Puchi Saber.

Touhou Reimu Hakurei.

Closer look at Usa Mimi.

Kagami Kuro gets Nekomimi.

Kyrie Rason from Valyrie Chronicles.

Closer look.

Closer shot.

Inaba Yui from the eroge Flyable Heart.

Sweet! The black kanji says "Kanshu Chu" which means that the license holders still need to approve the design before its sent off for production - which means that the final product may look different.

Real Yoko by Max Factory.

Probably the nicest figure of Tamaki to date - by Max Factory.

Still early in the morning.

Some of the folks went straight to the stage area to get a good view of the performances held during the day.

Good Smile had their second photo contest and there was a gallery full of entries.

Most of these were brilliant! Want to do something similar for

Most of these seemed to be taken on an SLR.

Really like this entry.

Another gorgeous entry that caught my eye.

Other entries that didnt make the main gallery where on the side for folks to look at while they waited in line for their Wonfes exclusives.

Hmmm? Why has I dug up the Nendoroid Mirai pics?


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