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Yoko Littner

Posted by Danny Choo On Sun 2009/06/14 02:04 JST In Figures
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This gorgeous 1/6 scale Kotobukiya figure of Yoko Littner is due out sometime this month and will retail for 9,450 yen. She some how landed in my lap while having a meeting last Friday ^^;

Has to be one of the nicest Kotobukiya figures so far. The quality is astoundingly good.

This particular version of Yoko is from the movie Gurren Lagann Gurren-hen which I have yet to see. Is it just a compilation of the TV series? - I still haven't finished watching it ^^;

Front view. Hair is a little bit shiny and would have preferred matte but still looks good.

Thighs in Japanese is "Futomomo" [太もも]

In English we use the word "Back" to refer to our back but n Japanese they distringuish between lower back "Koshi" [腰] and upper back "Senaka" [背中].
Saying "Senaka ga itai" (my upper back hurts)is a common mistake a Japanese learner will make when explaining to a doctor about their lower back pain as the first thing we are taught is Back = Senaka.

Mmmmm. Yoko's Yokopai.

Some of these in the Wallpaper Pool.

Nicely painted all round.

Lovely eyes.

Yoko can be posed without her rifle too.

And her scarf thingy can also be removed - I prefer without.

Forgot the name of that brown mole thingy but it cant be removed.

"Nakanaka kawaii" to say "quite/rather cute."

Boots look great too.

Another Yoko-pai shot without her rifle.

Yoko comes with 3 skull hair pieces - this is the default.

A wink version.

And a crazy version.

Detailing on the rifle is superb too.

The lever slides back n forth.

Manual recharge winder and battery pack.

Eye scope.

Sub machine gun mode.

The Kotobukiya Yoko comes with two facial expressions. This is the default.

Looks sweet but me prefer the winking version.

Love this angle.

Sweet nose.

Whole head is removable to enable you to attach the scarf. Forgot to play head swapping with other figures.

Lovely curves.

And love that star on the mole thingy too.

The bits n pieces that come with the Yoko figure. The other boot is supposed to be rested near the base.

And this is the figure base. The copyright lettering at the bottom of the base is white and shows through which is a shame. Probably can be scraped off with a knife.

Now part of the office interior.

Comparison with Gift Yoko.

Which do you prefer?

Yoko can sit on most edges but you need a bit of blu-tac or something to prop up her right but-tock.

This Yoko figure is available at Amazon Japan for 8,041 yen.


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