International Shipping Damage

Posted by Danny Choo On Fri 2009/04/10 02:56 JST In Japanese Pop Culture
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Member WiseFreeman shows us what happens (in some cases) when packages are delivered when one is not at home - left outside the premises to be battered by the forces of nature.

The delivery service in Japan is most excellent - fast and efficient and they even come to pick up stuff that you want to send at no extra charge. This is called Shuka [集荷] and I will talk about this more in depth in the next A Week in Tokyo.
However, there is a delivery company called Sagawa who is known to throw parcels - they are cheap which is why many still use them.
Kuroneko are more expensive but they don't throw stuff. The Japan postal service is great too.

Original text from WiseFreeman below.

This is what I saw at my gate when I came back from outstation.
To put it worst, it has been there exposed to sun & rain for over 3days!
I was away for 10days on a vacation during that period & I live all alone in a 5-rooms house.

This has nothing to do with HobbyLink Japan, instead HLJ did a very excellent job before the parcel left for delivery.
It shows the quality of our local postal services in Malaysia.
So, what happened to the lovely figure inside?
I'll post it up after I get back from breaking the Guinness World Records (should I make it back alive......)
Please kindly share your opinion - What Is The Most Worst Condition Ever Happen To Your Parcel?

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