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Iron Man

Posted by Danny Choo On Sun 2009/05/17 07:32 JST In Mecha
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More and more samples seems to be arriving by the truckload of late and I thought I'd pick out all the "boys toys" from the lot starting with Iron Man.

First up is the Kotobukiya "1/6 Kotobukiya Collection Movie Fine Art Statue: Iron Man." Currently available from HobbyLink Japan for 26,800 yen.

The box for this thing is huge and the polystyrene goes all over the place.

Is made of cold-cast porcelain and must weigh a few kilos.

The base takes 3 AAA batteries which light up the chest, eyes and palms.

Very nice statue indeed. Not articulated though.

Next up is the most smexy Iron Man Mark II by Hot Toys.

I think I prefer the MK II over the MK III - must be the nipples all over his chest.

Retails for 22,001 yen but Amazon are being generous and you can get 22 yen off from Amazon.

The back of the leg opens up to show you his sexy insides.

All of the body is plastic and the crotch armor is soft plastic to enable extended movement. The joints on the elbows are rubber.

The visible screws are removed to replace the button batteries.
BTW, Some of these in the Wallpaper Pool.

And this is Iron Man when he gets horny. The detailing under the shoulder flaps could have been a bit better. You can just about make out the switch to turn on the chest and eye lights.

And just like the film, the forearm has a rocket installed...

...and this is what its like open.

Do try to see the film if you have not done so already - its rather awesome. Japanese Iron Man trailer below.

Have not tried the game though which looks cool - anybody played it?
First time for me to see the animated Iron Man below having a ruckus with Hulk.

Smooth finish compared to the Mark II.

Love the design of the face in particular.

Puchi update on Iron Man 2 below.

And a puchi Dollfie Theather while we have all members on the desk.

Iron Man MK II: "Oppai!" (touches)
Ryomo: "!!!?"

Ryomo: "....I told you that the next time you do that, I would..."

Ryomo: " off your head."

Iron Man MK II: "...."

Iron Man MK III: "Oppai!" (touch).

Ryomo: "....Say sorry now"
Iron Man MK III: "Sorry!"
Ryomo: "OK, I forgive you..."

Ryomo: "...not"

Ryomo: "Promise me that you wont do that again"
Iron Man MK II + III: "....."

Puchi Dollfie Theater end.

Iron Man's head goes well with Nanaels armor.

Iron Man also looking great with Nanako-chans body.

A quick kneeling pose.

Comparison with MG Gundam RX78 which I made many many moons ago.

Would love to get back into modeling but wont be anytime soon given my current goals and responsibilities.

A look at the Macross Frontier Chogokin Luca Valkyrie. Available from Amazon for 13,369 yen.

The ankles, shoulders and leg joints are die cast metal with the ankles looking particularly cool.

The firearm however looks quite crap - too plastic and shiny.

With the Super Parts attached.

Not too keen on the Super Parts and think the Valkyrie looks better without.

And if you have not seen it yet then you may want to check it out - Frontier is one of the best out of the Macross series.

Bagged the Super Parts since this photo was taken.

Forgot to take pics in Gerwalk mode. Love the designs of the Macross jets.

Needs an attachment to hang from the ceiling.

Does take a while to transform and is completely different from the original Macross jet transformation sequence.

Closeup shot.

The sexy ankle.

The last item from the "boys toys" batch today is the Evangelion Wristwatch. Which retails for 24,990 yen from Amazon.
Dont think Amazon ship this product overseas so if you want it then try out Rinkya who will take care of the hassle of buying and will forward this item to you for a nominal fee.

Nice "Evangelion-looking" display - only lights up when you press the light button though.

Goes well with Ryomo's jumper.

Each watch is unique and branded with a serial number...

...which is also branded on this dog tag.
Thanks again to Rinkya for this lovely goodie.

A snap of everything that landed in my lap this week ^^; Review of the Nikon D5000 soon!

Been getting questions about whether I'm obligated to write reviews for all the samples I receive. So much arrives that it's not really possible to cover everything.

Sponsors and makers who send stuff understand that I cant cover everything but when I do then they usually get a boost in sales so its still more cost effective for them to send me samples even though I don't get to all of them.

I also make it clear to the folks sending me stuff that I never guarantee to give glowing reviews and if there is something I don't like about the product then I will say so. For the products that I don't like - I just don't cover and stick the goods in the "to be retired" cabinet and hand out to the next guest that comes to the office.

There are some bloggers who charge makers/companies to write glowing reviews and I prefer not to do that because I don't want to betray the trust between my readers and myself over some money.
Just as I have not accepted venture capital or angel investment and have somebody tell me what to do, I don't take money and have somebody tell me what to write - its not what I want to do in life.

Folks in general read blogs because they want to hear the honest opinion of a consumer and not the voice of a corporate telling you that their product is the best thing since yokopai.

Besides, our business model is through affiliate marketing, advertising inventory management and the licensing of our flagship product Mirai Gaia.


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