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A Week in Tokyo 38

Posted by Danny Choo On Thu 2009/05/14 08:51 JST In A Week in Tokyo
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Very late with episode 38 of A Week in Tokyo - its been about a month! Making up for it with 85 photos which may balk in Google Reader - if that happens then just click through to the www article or you can get updates by email instead.

Am also interested to hear what loading times of photo articles are for you of late as these days I'm including a load of photos. Also lemme know of any problems you have viewing them.

First photo taken at Tokyo CGM Night Episode 4.

The guy pointing his camera at me is Sam Furukawa - the founder of Microsoft Japan.

T'was a great evening and you can see other bloggers coverage below. If you feel you should be at Tokyo CGM Night then contact myself or Andrew Shuttleworth.

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Meetings in Shinagawa with the folks at Net Price who run

Lunch with a few members on the team.

More free stuff. This time its the Macross Destroid. Classic design. Could do with some weathering though. How much would you charge me to weather this?

My first Doll Show in Hama Matsucho.

More free samples from sponsors and business partners arrives at the office. The next photo article will be a review of all of these.

Filling up with beverages and snacks for the staff.

And then I attended my first Dolls Party. Even though I plan to get most of the clothing for my daughters custom made by Chun, I'll still attend to keep in the loop with the latest Dollfie trends and wot not.

My third sponsored daughter with my forth on the way next week hopefully. The DD Escalayer that you previously saw was for a friend and not me ^^; The Fate wasn't mine either ^^;

I told myself that I would stop at two daughters but have a feeling that I will have two more before the end of the year ^^;

And here she is - the lovely Ryomo Shimei.

Ryomo with a sponsored Miko outfit. Speaking of Sponsored stuff - Thanks to Nikon for arranging something for me to pick up this Friday. Not sure which model but I requested one that could take movies ^^; I also asked for a few lenses too. lets see what they come back with.

This mornings desk. Mio Shima Shima Akiyama.

Japanese readership has been on the increase of late and much of it is due to the Japanese News Items which I'm writing. Japanese folks are particularly interested in what otaku get up to outside of Japan. If you are learning Japanese then you may want to have a read of the Japanese version of or subscribe to the Japanese RSS feed.

Just a few of the Japanese blogs who regularly pick up on my posts below:-

Like to keep the dust levels in the house down to a minimum - not only because of my asthma but because having dust build up on your girls is not good for them. Leaving dust on them for prolonged periods causes those dusty patches to get oily - not sure why or the science behind that though.

These things on the shelf are duster replacements which I can use for a few weeks before they become a ball of muckyness.

Some sour balls O meat.

Hanging the futon out in the sun is something traditionally done by the Japanese to air the bedding and get rid of any moisture or fleas inside. We do this all the time too. The futon smells soooo good after basking in the hot sun for an afternoon. Do you do this in your neck of the woods too?

Some garlic bread for b'fast with Kagami.

At the new katsu place.

Folks having Tenpura for lunch.

At the new mansion of Steven Nagata - he recently moved into this place situated in the heart of Akihabara.

Steven has views like this from his balcony.

After shooting the K-ON! Trooper video. Am in the middle of doing the "Dont Say Lazy" vid which should be up soon. Movies saved on an external NAS don't play smoothly in iMove09 so its taking me longer than expected to get the music in sync with the movements.

Was handed these Chai tea packets at a recent event - am hooked! Need to look for some online.

Whenever we past this bridge, our car navigation would read out the name - "Kakinokizakarikkyo" - I like saying this 10 times in a row ^^;

Wifey wanted to eat Index.

Bowl O sour noodles.

One nice thing about Japan is that in most cases, if you drop something in the middle of the road, somebody would pick it up and place it nearby on a fence or something so that it does not continue to be trampled on.

An stroll in our local park.

A load of dog owners at the park with adorable dogs - I like that little small white one with the jacket on the blue leash - what breed is that?

At the local shopping arcade going to get groceries.

Need some more plants for the office/house.

105 yen for these plants.

Just one of the reasons why I recommend learning Japanese for folks living here.

Some yakiniku for lunch. This set for about 900 yen.

Sticking on the super parts for my Luca Valkyrie. Think I prefer it without.

Got some new apparel for my daughters - Saber wearing a new shirt from Chun. Notice Sabers eye transplant too. Gave her another eye transplant since this photo was taken and now she looks even more adorable.

Outside Shinagawa station.

Hectors meal is unagi?

My meal is maguro.

Inside Shinagawa station.

Dark suits everywhere. I purchased a few suits before I came to Japan and wore them only a few times. Have not had the need to wear a suit/shirt/tie for about 8 years now.

Dell Mini 9 with Leopard and E-mobile data stick lock and loaded - off to give a presentation.

Gothloli Saber in the lounge. My forth daughter will probably wear this for a while.

Yukata for my daughters will probably cost more than yukata for a human ^^;

BLT lunch with kagami.

A pachinko parlor gets reviewed and some folks are signing up for some sort of membership.

At some ramen places, you will find some garlic in a basket at the counter. Crush the garlic with the tool provided and lob it on your ramen.

Newly discovered ramen place in Togoshi Ginza. Love the interior.

The sign on the far left says "Chikan ni Chui" or "beware of perverts." There are quite a few "Beware O The Pervert" signs over here and was wondering if you had the same?

Corn n ham pizza. The corn comes out of the other end unscathed.

Blythe promotes Hawaii.

With the Nikon Tou photo walk group where top Tokyo photographers get together and talk DSLR stuff. Even though this is branded as Nikon, one does not have to be a Nikon user to join.

Bright sunny morning in Shibuya on the way to the bank.

At the offices of NHK with MR X, Claytonian and Kevin Cooney. Will do a separate news item to talk about what this is all about.

Picked up a USB power adapter for my DSi. Planning a few trips this year and dont want to be DSi-juiceless on the flight. Wanted to do Europe but looks like Korea, Canada, Hong Kong and Singapore. HK and SG in November.

Getitng rid of stuff I don't want so that I can save time and find the stuff that I do want.

And this is all the stuff that I don't need anymore. Includes my old Kiss and Xacti. The Fon is now useless now that I have my E-mobile data stick. Need to set up a classifieds for folks in Tokyo to sell or exchange stuff.

Salmon Pasta lunch. 900 yen.

Ramen lunch. About 600 yen.

Chicken Katsu for lunch.

Some traditional Japanese sweets.

Bicycle with seats at the back and front for kids. The government tried to ban these once upon a time but mothers lashed back saying that it was difficult to go about daily life without these.

Sushi for dindins.

Spent an evening with Steven Nagata making a voice changer unit for the armor. Had much problems with feedback.

Voice changer complete. Will take closer photos soon.

Lunch at Skylark. 500 yen.

When I saw this policeman on his motorcycle, I immediately thought about the size of police motorcycles in the US ^^;

Just got back from CGM Night. Need to hang up the armor, clean and hoover the floor.

Back at the new katsu place. Freshly made and tastes lovely.

Cleaning the lens and sensor. Canon recommend that you bring it to them for cleaning but I decided many moons ago to do it myself. All you need is the lens cleaning liquid/paper. No matter how dust free you try to keep the camera, mechanical dust will always get inside.
How do you deal with the dust on the sensor?

New pair of glasses which are currently serving me well.

Getting my weekly dose of World Business Satellite in the lounge. This week they talked about the fashion industry and how costs were being cut.

Evening walk after dindins.

Rin looks worried at the amount of health food surrounding her.

The health checkup that I had last week which you can read about in A Day in Tokyo 5. These are the containers for my poo samples - the green bag strategically placed to cover the poo wriggling about inside.
Unfortunately I wasn't strategic enough and just noticed I forgot to remove the container of pee from the bottom left of the photo ^^;;;;;;;

Outside the immigration office in Tokyo which is located in the middle of nowhere - actually in the middle of shipping crates to be precise.
If you are planning to go to the immigration office then I advise to go after lunch. Reason is because they take a break from 12 - 13pm with reduced service meaning that you are basically waiting for them to finish eating.

What are immigration offices like in your region? Are you treated as guests or scum-of-the-earth?

For folks who want their feet to look good in an anime way.

Sweet n sour pork for lunch. This dish in Japan rarely comes with pineapples. I was brought up on Sweet n sour pork *with* pineapples in China Town London!

How to combat viruses. Use a mask, gargle, wash hands and get plenty of nourishment.

Looks like Kagamin gets another snazzy meal - her previous snazzy meal at the British Ambassadors residence in Tokyo.

Will talk about this event in a separate photo article. Can you guess what it is?


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