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A Day in Tokyo 4

Posted by Danny Choo On Tue 2009/05/05 17:06 JST In A Week in Tokyo
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Will still be continuing the A Week in Tokyo series but will post these A Day in Tokyo articles when I take a load of pics in a single day.

For the first photo we shoot ahead of time to the evening at just before 7pm-ish at Lalaport Toyosu. This is where we done the night time Toyosu Photo Walk shoot.

Coming back in time to the morning where I usually hoover the floor, dust down and polish the tables and also dust down some of the girls too.
For folks who don't know "hoover" is a British term used to refer to the action of vacuuming the floor.

The staff are on hols as it is Golden Week this week - tis where most of Japan either goes on holiday or spends it in traffic jams. To make things worse, the government decided to make it so that 1,000 yen allows you to use the highways as much as you want - would usually cost you much more if you wanted to go by car from Tokyo to Osaka for example.
Due to the 1,000 yen deal, the highways have been more packed than previous years with tail backs going on for over 30 kilometers.

I think that the reason why so many Japanese travel during Golden Week is because its the only time they can really get off from work.

Do you encounter the same sort of packed commuting on public transport or on highways during holiday seasons in your neck of the woods?

Been using the Dyson for a while - the bit at the front gets well annoying after a while.

Another free Mac Mini appears ^^; This one came with Ubuntu which I have been playing with for a while. May install Centos on it.
The Link Station NAS has been great so far.

Still don't know much about cars. We got a tyre change as we were told that we should change them every 3 years at least. Took the spare emergency tyre out of the boot to discover that its smaller than the rest! Its got "temporary use only" on it and was wondering if spare tyres are supposed to be smaller than the others or what?
Not familiar with brand names and just took some Michelin ones which were about 9,000 yen each.

Then its off for lunch at Sukiya. Wifey has Maguro Meitai Don.

I has spicy curry beef bowl.

Wifey in the drivers seat as I check out the Dell Mini 9 on the field.

The E Mobile data stick gets me hooked up to the Internets on a 7.2 Mbps connection. Despite the car constantly moving, the connection is stable and fast. Leopard on Dell Mini 9 installation guide soon - will be after the Dollpa coverage which Volks need to check.

Autobacs is a retail store who sell a load of cars bits n bobs and also do many things for your car like install car navigation systems, replace tyres and in our case today we needed to get some engine oil changed. Autobacs CM below with the lovely Aibu Saki.

Seeing as we don't have the foggiest about our car, we was told that we should also change some filter element thing too - was about 1,000 yen. Obama encourages the customers to do so.

Autobacs had only 3 bays to do their work so we had to wait over an hour.

Wondering around inside the shop to explore the world of cars. Some anime branded facial wipes - not sure which series it is but the men look mean.

Many Japanese folks like attaching lights around the car - took a look to see what would look good shining out from beneath the armor.

Pedal covers - for those who want something nice to step on.

I just realized something very interesting about Japanese cars - most are apparently *not* fitted with car alarms. It only dawned on me recently and I think this is because Japan is "traditionally safe."

Back in the UK I used to hear car alarms go off when there are strong gusts of wind or a heavy lorry zooms by. In the 10 years I've lived here, I've only heard *one* car alarm go off.

Car alarms fitted as standard in your kingdom?

Instead of car alarms, they sell these solar powered devices which emit a LED that is supposed to frighten burglars away. The translation of this product is "A violent light that frightens away burglars" - not a literal but a nuance translation. I can just imagine a potential burglar fleeing in terror upon seeing this...

While we don't have car alarms - we have cool car navigation systems. Our one reviewed here. But nothing to protect it from being stolen ^^;

A load of car fragrant thingies.

A Gundam cigarette lighter charger for ones mobile devices.

Loads of choice which I'm not sure is a good or bad thing. These are clips to secure your mobile phone to the inside of the car.

More choices - pockets and holders for figures, Dollfie accessories and other stuff.

For the cigarette lighter otaku who has a ton of gadgets to power in the car. Interesting that the cigarette lighter standard has not changed for a few decades - why cant they make USB powered stuff for cars?

For folks who like to smoke n drive - just a few ashtrays for you to choose from.

Seen enough - head up to the waiting space to see China Vs Japan playing ping pong. Was interesting because the Japan representative was from China too.

Dell Mini 9 with Leopard saves me from down time - was able to catch up on a load of mails. Keyboard is small and not ideal for typing long pieces of text though. I'll probably get used to it I imagine.

Oil change and filter replacement done. Have no idea what all these bits n bobs are. Much more complicated than Gunpla ^^;

Then we head off to Lalaport for a bit of shopping and early evening dinner.

Never been to Lalaport at this time of day - usually go when its dark.

Lalaport is a shopping and food complex located in various locations near the metropolis. The one in Yokohama is the worst - something about it that does not seem right.

This Laksa tasted sooo good! Wonder what a native Singaporean or Malaysian would think of the taste.
Rather than wish there was a place that served good food like this near us - we are going to open a restaurant nearby so we can eat like this more often.

And the Singaporean Chicken rice about to be devoured.

Dont buy drinks at Lalaports food court! This cost 500 yen...

Remove the ice and all you get is a smack in the face with a barbed rusty bat. Haruhi is not impressed.

Then its off to Asobit opposite the food court - looks like they are closing down. 70% off many figures including these Nendoroids.

40% off HG Gunpla.

Ita Macross Valkyrie.

40% off Sylvanian Families.

60% off trading figures. Was 840 yen and now 336 yen for these Haruhi figures.

Wii and DS Haruhi games - 40% off.

Something for you to wear under your shirt at work.

Really want to see Angels and Demons!

Having some crepe outside.

T'was a nice n peaceful evening. Families with kids playing outside under the setting sun. Reminded me of our times in Seattle by the pier somehow. Some pics of Seattle in the Working at Amazon and Microsoft photo article.

Current glasses where in use for a few years and got scratched up - picked up a new pair. Was ready in 30 mins and cost 14,000 yen.

At the Tokyu Hands in Lalaport passing through the cosplay section.

Its all about ants these days - instead of keeping cats or dogs or goldfish - you should be keeping ants instead - but most certainly not in your pantsu.

And this is where ants should be kept - in an Antquarium with the Spiderman/Playstation type font.

After getting the Antquarium, you go kidnap some ants form the wild and stick them in here. After a while, they will start to burrow into the gel and you will see something resembling the packaging - tunnels that the ants build.
You can then pour in some milk and watch it flow through the tunnels as you drink it from a straw.

Available for about 3,000 yen from this shop and there was even folks blogging about their Antquarium.

Jackie Chans latest(?) film - Shinjuku Incident. Anybody seen this yet?

On the way back to pick up some groceries.

Reflective ceiling make this an interesting photo.

Sushi looks good.

Checking out.

A notice about the current wave of influenza. The notice asks:-
-Cover your mouth with tissue when you sneeze.
-Try to avoid peoples faces.
-Wear a surgical mask when there are lots of people about.

After buying and eating a lot, one gets to park for free but must still go back to the ticket machine to clear ones parking card.

Bit blurry. On the way home. Can you name this location? Maybe next giveaway question ^^;

Back home checking mail and playing with stuff around the desk. This is the pair of glasses that I'm wearing now. Very similar to what I previously had.

Playing with my recently adopted daughter. She was another sponsored adoption. She wants to cuff you. Need new frilly pants for Ryomo *picks up phone and calls sponsor*

Saber is whispering something to Aoi-chan.

Haruhi looks after Ryomo's boot.


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