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Posted by Danny Choo On Sun 2009/04/05 11:46 JST In Japanese Pop Culture
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The Your Room has to be the worst giveaway ever. Never felt so terrible in choosing one out of 89 room entries.
Please don't hate me for not choosing your room! Do remember that I'm always grateful for the great community that you've built at dannychoo.com and I want to make sure I continue to show my appreciation to you by rewarding members with goodies.

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This giveaway was sponsored by Tenso.com - get your own Japanese mailing address in Japan!

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We've had a great time looking at all the fantastic rooms you have and hope that there has been an interesting conversation or two. If you enjoyed this giveaway, please do burogu about it!

While I feel terrible about not being able to choose everybody, I am delighted to announce that the winner of the 20,000 yen goes to member lightningsabre - see more pics at his burogu. Not much more to add - he lives in an otaku store!
Stacks of manga, unopened figures, dakimakura, anime wall scrolls and more.

Lightning:- register at Tenso.com and buy anything of your choice of up to 20,000 yen. Tenso.com will pay for the shipping too. You must buy something that cant be shipped to your CA address and use the Japanese mailing address that Tenso.com assigns to you.
If you choose to pay a bit more and buy a Dollfie (for example) then you may have to pay a bit of shipping on top. Once you have made the purchase, contact me at [support at dannychoo dot com] and I will put you in contact with Tenso.com who will pay you back for the 20,000 yen via paypal. Contact me with further questions.

Because there were so many fantastic entries, I managed to bribe Tenso.com to give me another 20,000 yen which I decided to split between 10 runnerups. If your room is lingering in the next 10 photos then proceed to register at Tenso.com and buy anything you want for 2,000 yen. You can pay extra for a purchase but Tenso.com will only pay you 2,000 yen through paypal and wont cover shipping (sorry).
You must purchase something that cant be shipped to your region and use the Tenso.com Japanese mailing address that you are assigned.
Once you have made the purchase, contact me at [support at dannychoo dot com] and I will put you in contact with Tenso.com who will pay you back for the 2,000 yen via paypal. Contact me with further questions.
The following are in no particular order.
First up below is Rins Room filled with goodies from top to bottom. Larger pic here.

Second up is Asian Ed - neat n tidy n stylish while still expressing his otaku interests.

Third is Dancing Queen - its great to see the girls have otaku interest too. Crammed with figures and includes a Kamina dakimakura.

Forth up is Fran's Room - filled to the brim with so much stuff that I'm not sure how he managed to move around in it ^^;

Next up is Fumoffu - great collection of dakimakura and bedsheets - dontcha just want to dive into that harem?!

Next is GundamJehutyKai who builds a load of Gunpla and resin figures. His room has a nice workshop feel with the wooden shelves.

Next is Karasu who has a load of small bits n pieces all over the gaff.

Next is meronpan. See more pics at his burogu. Cozy carpet and lighting with a futon on the floor surrounded by otaku goodies including figures, dakimakura, manga and anime wall scrolls.

Syaoran is next - another neat n cozy room - more pics on Flickr.

And finally Mari0's room - Macs, figures, cozy carpet and a gorgeous girl to keep his seat warm.

The previous 10 entries above get 2,000 yen each to spend.

And the rest of the awesome entries below. Hope I didn't miss anybody. Was doing a load of copy pasting which made me a wee bit dizzy ^^; Lemme know if I forgot you.
Thanks again for taking time out to take photos and participate. While the prizes are nice to have, I think the important thing is that you had fun. Having said that, I will continue to do more giveaways more often in the hope that you all get something in the end.
Next giveaway starts tomorrow!

See all entries here.

And just wanted to add my room to this great collection - more in the Mac Life 4 photo article.

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