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Pre-ordered these limited edition K-ON! CD's from Amazon and they just arrived - thought I'd share whats inside.

First up is the "Cagayake! GIRLS" CD - the OP from K-ON!. The first batch are a limited edition which comes with various Jacket covers of the Kei On Bu girls. Available at Amazon and retails for 1,260 yen - get it before its gawn. As far as I know, Amzon ships CD's overseas - as long as its not ero.

Here we see sweetie Hirasawa Yui on lead. The catchy OP below.

And my fave - Akiyama Mio on bass. Mmmmmmm. Feeling hungry now.

Tainaka Ritsu on drums.

Kotobuki Tsumugi (mugi-chan) on keyboard.

And here's the CD which includes another catchy tune called "Happy!? Sorry!!"

And while we're here, a look at another SAPAB (Suddenly Acquired Pantsu and Bra). Retails for 5,000 yen. Sankyu to HobbyLink Japan for the sample. I shall have it with my afternoon tea later on.

The other CD is the limited edition "Don't Say Lazy" - available at Amazon for 1,260 yen - grab it now before drowning in manly tears after its all dawg gawn. The awesome ED below.

Cuuuuuuute! Yui-chan kawaii.

Mio Akiyama. *melts*

The CD comes with an additional track called "Sweet Bitter Beauty Song."

And as for the title of this photo article? No free MP3 here I'm afraid but a load of free traffic from search engines for folks searching for the term "K-ON! MP3" ^^;

Search for the term "K-ON! MP3" in 24 hours time and tell me what you see in Google ^^;

The girls have been getting very friendly with each other of late...

This afternoons Mio Table. Will have a cuppa tea on it in a mo.

So how has K-ON! been living up to your expectations? I rarely see opinions like "Its average" and either see "Best thing since sliced peanut buttered toast" or "toast spread with baboons poo."

Also ordered this LS-Q1.0TL/1D NAS (Network Attached Storage) from Amazon too which arrived with the CD's. Got it for 28,110 yen - 10,740 yen off the retail price ^o^ The box actually arrived like this and was surprised that it didn't come in any other protective box or padding.

To make things worse, it was delivered by Sagawa who are known to throw things and deliver a day late.
Its usually the nice old man at Pelican - great service and goods from Amazon usually arrive the next day.

The NAS comes with a 1TB HDD and has 3 extra bays for an additional 3 TB HDD's. By having a look at the product page you will see that it comes with a ton of features like a web interface, FTP server, DLNA, RAID1, RAID5, RAID10, is compatible with Mac Time Machine network restores, has USB port to enable a network printer and you can also combine 4 drives into a single drive so that it would appear on your network as a 4TB drive for example.

The DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) feature allows me to watch my movies over the network on the PS3 or other portable devices like the iPod Touch.

Before I used to have a few drives attached to a Mac Mini which were shared but if I mounted them on my Mac then every time I open a save dialog then the system hangs waiting for those disks on the Mini to spin up to speed. Also had problems mounting them too.

What sort of backup solutions do you have? Do you use NAS or just external drives? We need NAS to share between everybody in the office.

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