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Tokyo Office

Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2009/04/13 09:50 JST In Japan
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Was going to do the A Week in Tokyo today but wanted to get this out first. Going to hire another head soon and would rather keep working from our first floor a bit more until the 5th staff member comes on board - meaning that a new office layout is needed.

This is what the office layout used to look like for the past year.

The two glass Ikea tables facing each other in the middle of the room was nice but not practical. 20:59PM and about to start working on the new layout.

Had Erika up here for a while. By the way, the color on these photos are terrible but didnt notice until PHP finished its batch job and done all the MYSQL inserts and generated all the HTML.

Been playing with Adobe Lightroom lately - the UI does not seem intuitive (or maybe I'm not intuitive ^^;) and I end up just clicking on bits n pieces. Should I be using Apple Aperture instead?

Hector is not as much of an otaku as I am but he likes Haruhi which is why he gets the Haruhi SAFS ^^;

Decided to move the glass tables along the walls which would mean that we could fit in another Ikea glass table for the 4th member. Here in the middle of fun n games - crap everywhere ^^;

Would have been interesting to be born into a generation where wireless electricity existed.

I used to tie all of this up but equipment comes and goes quite often meaning that I save more time by leaving wires dangling behind the desks.

About 40 mins later and both tables are on each side of the room.

But still need to wrestle with the crap on the other side.

For some reason I ended up with a few spare adapters but could have sworn all sockets were previously used ^^;

23:43 - nearly done. Going to move my daughters to the desk which will help me concentrate on work.

01:25 - mostly done. Need to get a couple more of those shelves for the figures.

This is the latest photo taken last night. Got extra shelves for the figures and now have Saber and Aoi-chan next to me. Hmmmm. Whats that small machine running OSX in the middle of the table? Looks much smaller than a Mac Book Air...

The office just feels so much bigger and practical to move around instead of having to wriggle in to get behind our tables. A new glass Ikea table will go next to mine - will pick that up soon. They cost about 8,000 yen each - cheap compared to the horrible standard office furniture. Love having lights shining up from below the glass table too.

When more SAFS arrive, some of these girls will get stationed at the third floor.

Sailor fuku + armor + sword + long blond hair - great recipe!

Freeing Ryoko - great figure but takes up 3 units. Also noticed that the color on Mirei-sans oppai has faded over time - not noticed any color fading on any of my other figures. Anybody encountered this problem yet?

My most fave figures are the row right in front of me. The middle shelf larger than the rest to accommodate the girls with weapons - from where I sit however, all I see are their pantsu ^^;

The current top shelf - will balance out the height of the figures as new ones arrive.

This is the window to my left with Tamaki-chans eyes staring at me. Plan to put a small tree here.

Mirai dakimakura is our new wall scroll - Erika is now on the door. Need to remove that ugly hook which I used for the armor.

The room as a ledge that runs around the room which is nice for figures.

And this is what Hectors table looks like - he gets to look at Mayu and Reika all the time ^^;

Am really enjoying the current layout and will be fun working with the new member. Its always nice to have a fresh furniture shift to improve our working style. How often do you shift around furniture in your room? Maybe I should do a "Before and After" photo giveaway ^^

And this is what you saw in the middle of the table earlier on - the Dell Mini 9 with OSX Leopard installed - everything works perfectly - WIFI, LAN, full screen resolution, sound- and it cost only 100 yen (1 USD) that I got with a promotion ^^

Am having problems with an E mobile device though but it looks like folder permissions on install or something?

Upgraded the SSD to 32GB and memory to 2GB - its about the same speed as a Mack Book Air - only smaller and lighter. I took a load of photos and will write up the whole installation process later this week and also talk how I managed to get it for only 100 yen - A fully functional portable Mac for 100 yen - too brilliant for words!


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