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Posted by Danny Choo On Fri 2009/04/03 03:27 JST In Japan
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More and more men are wearing makeup these days. There are online stores dedicated to mens makeup and you can find a load more stores and info from .

A survey over at Gyao has results from a poll showing the type of makeup activity of men that women cant stand.

-Using foundation 68%
-Carrying a compact mirror all the time 13%
-Trimming eyebrows 6%
-Using lip cream 2%
-Blotting oil from face 2%
-Other 9%

Looks like 2% of women cant stand me because I use lip cream or chapstick for my chapped lips during cold seasons.

What do you make of this?
Men - do you use makeup or any sort? do you spend ages gelling up your hair before you leave the house?
Women - what do you think of men using makeup?

Image is taken from the official site for the J dorama Yaoh - was about host clubs which had a load of good looking actors. Watched the whole series - recommended. Was on TV a while ago though. ED below.

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