Queens' Blade EP 1

Posted by Danny Choo On Thu 2009/04/02 15:03 JST In Anime
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Just watched the first EP of the new anime series of Queens Blade - approved!
The QB girls are sweet and animation above average. Has loads of oppai everywhere which are not only well drawn but well animated too ^^; Story was good enough to keep me watching and will continue to do so.

My fave so far is Leina - who used to have long hair which suited her a lot. My other fave was Nanael who's also really cute - she floats in the air and flutters her wings only from time to time which is kawaii - voiced by Aya Hirano. No sign of Airi or Tomoe yet.

Kyone found the full unsubbed EP at Veoh.
For folks who need subs - if its a series that you are really looking forward to, do you watch the unsubbed and then sub later?

PV below for those who have not seen it yet.

Original text from Kyone below.#q#Watch the 1st RAW episode via Veoh. Though I can't wait till subs are out for it ^^
BTW YES its uncensored...so watch at your own risk I guess #q#

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