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Tokyo Doll Show

Posted by Danny Choo On Fri 2009/03/27 14:46 JST In Dollfie
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A quick going over the latest with my Dollfie Daughters before I don armor and make a dash for a networking event at Appliya in Roppongi - Appliya being relevant to this post as you will read later on in this photo article.

And before I forget again - a couple of these in the Wallpaper Pool.

Some goodies that I picked up from the Volks Tenshi no Sumika Dollfie store in Harajuku - actually picked these up on the night of the last Tokyo CGM Night as it was just around the corner ^^

First up is the DD Machine Gun - retails for 3,675 yen.

The back bit folds and the magazine is removable.

A bit pricey for what it is but the daughters insisted. First spotted on Mattari Blog.

Aoi-chan with a don't-mess-with-me pose.

After adopting Aoi-chan for a while, I realize that plain colors suit her best - she looks extremely odd with the blond wig and looks totally mismatched with Mirai-chans uniform. Probably because of her Tsun expression.

Had the clip in her hair for a while now which does not seem to have done any damage so far.

Another thing I picked up from the store was a pair of Choki hands retailing for 2,100 yen @.@

And here are the spare hand parts.
Choki [チョキ] = Scissors.
Gu [グー] = Stone.
Pa [パー] = Paper.
And the hands that grasp items are called Te mochi [手持ち]. All retail for 2,100 yen for a pair.

The Xacti DMX-HD1000 video camera just happens to be the right size for Dollfies which was given to me by Ejovi when he hired me for consulting at Columbia Japan. That reminds me - I need to update my profile page ^^;

And this is the Saddle stand that retails for 5,250 yen.

Wanted a saddle stand as the other stands wrap around the waist and looks a bit odd. The actual saddle is covered in soft vinyl to prevent any damage to the body.

A few pics outside with the saddle stand in action.

Dollfies do stand on their own but there's always the risk of a stray gust of wind to knock em over - in that case I need to decide whether to drop the SLR and dive for my daughter or watch her drop.

What I need are motors in the legs with gyro sensors so that she can balance on her own.

Noticed in the 48 entries so far for the latest giveaway that there are a few Dollfie owners which is great!
If you are thinking of getting one then I guarantee you that you wont regret it ;-)

And regarding the giveaway - gimme a few days to go through all the entries - gonna be a toughie!

Saber Mirai comes out to play too. A lady walks past and says "Mitakoto ga nai" [見た事がない] meaning "I've never seen (one) before."

To ask somebody if they've seen something before, you ask:-
"Mita koto ga arimasuka?"[見た事がありますか].

Only picked up one saddle stand to see how well it fits and need to get another one for Saber.

Now have a spare waist stand in the drawer filling up with a load of Dollfie clothes ^^;

Some of you wondered how Aoi-chan traveled with me to the CM filming - by car with seat belt of course ^^

Dollfie owners will notice that they have a habit of reaching out to them.

At the warehouse where the filming took place.

Got the first run of the commercial today and it looks great so far. Cant wait until it goes live.

Hmmmm. Probably giving away too much in this photo. The next goal is to be in a J Dorama ^^;

Taken by wifey in the room they set up for changing and makeup. One of the ladies is a makeup artist from VA Studios and the other lady was doing a ton of other stuff including looking after me. What are they saying?

Two users who posts the most interesting ones will get 5 free Evangelion apps for the iPhone from comrades at Appliya which are:-

This giveaway is open to all members - please post your entries on Flickr, Photobucket or wherever and stick a link here in the comments.

-Deadline is in 24 hours.
-Winners will receive promo codes directly from Appliya.
-Please post a link to your entry right here in the comments which will make it easy for me to track.
-You can only submit 1 entry.
-Even if you dont have an iPhone, feel free to join in and donate the prize to a fellow DC member who owns an iPhone ^^;
-Arms Installation is complete Good Luck.

And after CM filming, the whole crew grab a bite to eat while watching Japan vs Korea in the latest baseball shenanigans.

But what they were really looking at was Aoi-chan.

Just before heading home, we spent some time in the warehouse carpark taking some waifu and husbando pics and of course some of Aoi-chan too.

Outside the warehouse. T'was a gorgeous sunny day.

The warehouse was located on one of the small islands - you can see it from this Google Maps link.

Didn't manage to get decent pics - didn't know how to handle the sun bouncing off her white sweater.

Mmmmmm. Very sweet.

Volks are currently running a campaign where Volks club member owners can upgrade their membership to "Volks Supporters Club" from "Volks Collectors Club" for a few hundred yen.
"Supporters" continue to get the monthly Dollfie magazine sent to their homes while "Collectors" now have to go to the Dollfie shops to collect them. I'll also get invited to special events and other blah blah.

Thanks to comrade Taitan-san for recommending me the search term "Sankyaku Case" (no not Sankaku ^^;(NSFW) [三脚ケース] which means "Tripod Case" - he told me that many Dollfie owners use them to carry their daughters around.

Got this particular one from Amazon for 2,232 yen.

The brand is Slik (awesome website alert) and dimensions are 110mm×110mm×600mm - Dollfies fit perfectly inside without shifting about.

One of my fave shots of Aoi-chan.

Posting this one again...

...which I talked about in the Mai Musume item - t'was a true story.

Table O poseable figures. Figma, Hot Toys and Dollfie. Figma's are the most poseable and the cheapest retailing for about 2,500 yen each. Hot Toys are cool and pose relatively well retailing at an average of 20,000 yen each. Poseability on Dollfies are about the same as Hot Toys but cost a bomb averaging 50,000 yen each.

Had a chat with some industry folks today in the kick off meeting for the Tokyo Figure Show that we are planning. One of the reasons why Dollfies are priced at heavenly prices is because of the brand - the Gucci among dolls I guess ^^;

Ah, nearly for got to mention that the Doll Show 25 will be held on the 26th of April (Sunday) at Hamamatsucho - Lemme know if you want to go too and we can meet up.


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