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Stormtrooper Oppai Mousepad

Posted by Danny Choo On Wed 2009/04/01 11:27 JST In Japanese Pop Culture
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I'm incredibly excited to announce that Fredrin who runs the awesome manga site Mega Tokyo has after long negotiations decided to pay myself and Lucasfilm for the rights to make a stormtrooper oppai mousepad!

The product is called "DannyChoo - StormTrooper In Tokyo Oppai Mousepad" and is currently available at Mega Store retailing for 30 USD.

The product description as follows:-

You know that every time a troop of StormTroopers marches by, you want do it. You look at those breastplates and want to feel them, just like you would run your hands along the lines of an expensive sports car or the low-reflective finish heat dissipating shields on high caliber weaponry. Now, thanks to MegaGear Inc. and Mirai Inc., you can feel those armored pecs without ending up a smoking pile of cinders: the Danny Choo "StormTrooper In Tokyo" Oppai Mousepad!

Oppai mousepads are highly ergonomic mousing surfaces that incorporate soft hand rests inspired by nature herself. Your wrist is cradled between two soft, pliable 'bumps' that allow full range of movement yet support them with a bouncy, pneumatic action. Guaranteed to improve your computing efficiency almost as much as a Storm Trooper standing behind you offering 'encouragement'. Mousing surface is flame resistant, washable and meets all Official Imperial Mousing Surface regulations. Warning: Do not expose to vacuum or explosive decompression as this will severely alter the size and shape of the "bumps"

Get yours today! We promise to send them along if they ever clear Imperial customs.


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