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Nendoroid Deka

Posted by Danny Choo On Tue 2009/03/31 19:07 JST In Figures
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Looks like Goodsmile Company are making a movie staring their cutie blogger Asanon entitled "Nendoroid Deka The Movie."

The story line is as follows:-

During the summer of 200X, young boys and girls started to go missing.
Under the command of the dark boss, the special mission detective called "Nendoro-Iko" appeared on the scene to sort things out.

While I speak fluent Japanese, as you can see my translating skills suck big time ^^;

Thats all the info I have about the movie for now. Having a meeting with GSC tomorrow about the Figma Mirai and will get more details. For the meantime you can go to GSC to see more.

And for those who are not familiar with the Deka series - its usually a school girl who fights crime. Keitai Deka below.

The lovely Kaho stared in Keitai Deka the Movie below.


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