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Posted by Danny Choo On Thu 2009/02/19 10:33 JST In Figures
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Taken last Saturday night at the Good Smile Company offices after my slot on the broadcast - here for those who missed it.

T'was about 2AM and by then most of the stuff had come back from the event space at Akiba. A bunch of to-be-released decoration masters (the original painted scultps) were calling to me from the snacks desk by the entrance - I had no choice but to give in to their cuteness and snap some shots.

First up is Haruhi - will come with a few facial expressions but this one is by far the cutest.

Just gorgeous. Kinda looks like somebody I know...

Many of the previous Figma's had sleeves down to the wrists. They had to change the sculpting of the elbows and wrists a bit to make them look a bit more natural bare skinned.

Must have! Kagamin in her Hatsune Miku cosplay gear as you saw her in the last Lucky Star OVA.

See a peek of Kagamin in the OVA below.

Cant wait till shes out.

Next up is Reika Gantz Version who looked stunning in the flesh. Must say that I thought she looked a bit odd in the previously released photos.

And what big eyes she has.

Bery bery big eyes desu.

Another figma that me cant wait to arrive - if you know what I mean ^o^/

And Tsuruya-san.

Another sweetie.

Figma does Disney with their something ball character - on the tip of my tongue.

Hope to bring comrades at Disney along to the next CGM Night.

Meiya Mitsurugi from Muv-Luv.

Some Muv Luv action below.

And lovely Mikuru-chan in her maid gear.

Secret time - many of the figma's that go on display at shows are actually glued into a certain pose - this is to save time setting up and posing each figma again and again for each show.

Hmmm. Nobody seems to be looking Maybe I should nab one...

And a quick photo from last Tuesday when Aniki, Dwango, GSC and I went to Gonpachi in Roppongi for a meal - will upload the photos and video (Billy Vs Trooper) that we made in a separate article.
Just thought I would post this for you to play with in the meantime ^^;


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