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A Day in Tokyo 2

Posted by Danny Choo On Wed 2009/02/11 18:55 JST In Japan
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Together with Sven Kilian-Nakamura, Michael and Florian - the top guys at CScout taken a few hours ago at the German Embassy in Hiro.

Day started off with a breakfast meeting with Lisa who writes for various online and offline publications and owns Tokyo Mango. Interview is for a major American publication which I mentioned elsewhere but cant remember if its supposed to be confidential of not ^^;

The traditional Japanese breakfast. Many Japanese folks skip breakfast - so much so that there are tv ads and posters around Tokyo encouraging folks to eat breakfast. Maybe if they had more than Mc Dees and microwaved salmon at Matsuya then more people would actually eat.
I personally cant function properly without morning grub. Do you skip brekkie too?

Couldn't find a TV ad but came across this vid of Haruka singing a "lets eat breakfast" tune.

Then its back at the office to continue the interview.

As some of already know, I'm guest blogging at Boing Boing - the site about all things cool read by billions of users daily.

First came in contact with the Boing Boing team when we made a video together - took around a bunch of Silicon Valley CEO's around Akihabara with Joi Ito. Video below for those who missed it.

Hope to be bringing you more Boing Boing TV goodies sooooon!

What I wanted to do instead of playing with VI and the terminal windows all day was take pics and write up a review of the gorgeous Maaryan - one of Kotobukiya's nicest pieces of work so far. Will upload after image server probs are fixed.

Grab the Invite from the German Embassy, stuff a wad of business cards in my wallet and head out at 6:45PM.

Comrades at Cscout have been taking a bunch of CEO's from major German publications on trips around Korea and Japan.
Without going into too much detail - they just arrived in Tokyo and will be spending the next few days meeting other Japanese firms. Today was dinner at the German Embassy and CScout brought me along to meet a load of folk.

Last year, Michael introduced me to the folks at the Trendburo and thats how I got to speak in front of 600 marketing folks in Germany last year at Trend Day.

This photo doesn't do the food justice at all - was most scrumptious indeed.

And just like when I had lunch at the British Embassy with the Ambassador, I took along Kagami too. Theres something about Kagami that makes her look good with silverware.

Towards the end of the evening where most have gone home.

Dinner was at the Ministers residence - a room full O instruments. Reminds me that I still have a back log of Nodame in Paris. Is there a third season to that?

Picture with Dr Anna Prinz - the Minister and Deputy Head of Mission.

Got to meet a load of folks tonight with an unexpected discovery of many business opportunities - stay tuned for more.

Then its back home to write up this article - before that I put in a temporary image server. Hope it holds together.

Sven has a bery nice car desu - name that car.

And another smaller pile to add to the other big pile O business cards.

So, a "Day in Tokyo" series would be shorter than "A Week in Tokyo" but I would be able to do it more often - what would you prefer?


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