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CJ Night Tokyo Episode 2

Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2009/02/09 19:42 JST In Japan
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The second CJ Night Tokyo hosted by myself together with comrade Andrew Shuttleworth took place last Friday night at Fiat Caffe.

The event was a most awesome success attended by the best in CGM (Consumer Generated Media) - well over 100 pro bloggers, top YouTube directors, and industry/media/creative folk.
Special guests such as the former GM of Microsoft Japan Susumu Furukawa-san, former Director of Sales Japan at Apple Computer and CEO of Focal Point Hideki Francis Onda and founder of FON Ejovi Nuwere also attended.

And before I babble on - from left to right:-
- Andrew Shuttleworth - Web, tech, mobile Evangelist
- Serkan Toto - Marketing consultant at iKnow! and writer for Tech Crunch
- Danny Choo - CEO Mirai Inc and owner of
- Ken Brady - CEO Genkii
- Adam Johnson COO of Genkii

The first CJ Night Tokyo was held last September and was attended by 40-ish or so people at the gorgeous Weiden and Kennedy offices. This time we knew there were going to be well over 100 and got much bigger space at the Fiat Caffe although it did get a bit cramped at times - on the look out for bigger space to hold 150-200 for the next few months.

6PM: Hector, Andrew and I setting up the projector/mic and speakers.

Comrades at Kotobukiya bring in a load of goodies to give out - more on the floor and the other table - this is one of the great things about our events - free goodies!

A snapshot of the slide I used during the presentation to describe the focus of CJ Night Tokyo - an event where plo broggers, top YouTubers (who generate gazillions of page views and unique users) get together with the industries best in IT/Media and creative to create Bodacious Harmonious Awesomeness.

Folks who are awesome at CGM have the know how of generating a huge following of users and know the importance of sharing.

Check out the videos taken of my presentation by Rick Martin (writer for CNET) below.

Part two of the presentation below. You can also check out Ricks column at CNET.

Many comrades brought their comrades along too and got to meet a ton of most talented folks. Check out my dodgy unedited footage below of some of the action - was taken later on in the evening where many had already left.

Lady in the photo is the lovely Yang Yang - she builds iPhone apps and I will be visiting her offices at the end of this month - stay tuned to see their anime related licensed apps.

Gonzague - owner of Akihabara News - bazillions of page views and unique users.

The lovely Kynapple on the left together with Emily.
And I nearly forgot to mention some more of the awesome bloggers who came along:-

There were many more but not on this list because they were brought by comrades (I still haven't gone through all the business cards yet), didn't fill out the online form that I sent or because I just plain forgot (sorry!)
You can check out the presentation without the speaking below which highlights some of the sites who I knew were going to come - some got kidnapped along the way though.

My copy and paste fingers going numb now. Going to leave out links from some names as most are above ^^;
Gen Kanai - charisma Internet blogger and top guy at Mozilla Japan.

Guy on the left is Kristopher Tate founder of Zooomr.

Nearly 7:30 - waiting for presentation to start.

The Iron Man bust with glowing palm and chest - that I broke by accident! It was the first to be made too ^^; Kotobukiya brought another one to give away.

About to give out the goodies.

Kotobukiya brings along 4 Leaves Nanako up for grabs.

The best way to decide who gets it is Junken - Paper Scissors n Stone. Shingo from Kotobukiya is at the controls.

Ken and please-forgive-me-for-forgetting-his-name are the last two in this round to battle it out.

And Mr please-forgive-me-for-forgetting-his-name wins!
When asked where he's going to put the ecchi Nanako, he said "somewhere where my daughter cant see" ^^;

Next up is a Jack Sparrow figure. Shingo hurls paper.

Only a few challengers left.

John (Google) and Onda-san battle it out.

And Onda-san wins! Onda-san is the former Director of Sales Japan at Apple Computer and CEO of Focal Point - will be visiting his coolsome offices to show you his groovesome Apple products.

Rob, Xaky and Andrew - a powerful threesome.

Pro photographer Derek, founder of FON Ejovi Nuwere and Ninja Engineer Royce Rollins.

Forgive-me-for-forgetting-her-name and Linda from Google who used to be a comrade at Amazon.

Former comrades from Columbia Japan - Matt Romaine, Neil Bortnak and Ejovi.

Engineering Manager Adrian from Google.

Comrade Fumi Yamazaki who you can see with me on my first Japanese terrestrial TV appearance below.

Andrew n iPhone - I'm still holding out for the slimmer 32GB model due out in June - so I hear from an IT comrade in SanFran.

John Fu from Google who brought along some Google goodies to give out including a bunch of metal pens which Andrew and I irresponsibly tossed into the crowd (sorry). Luckily John didn't bring along any Google knives.

Second most subscribed YouTuber in Japan - Emily and good rooking furendo.

Another popular YouTuber ElevenColors.

My co-host Andrew Shuttleworth who also runs an event called Tokyo 2.0 which focuses on the web2.0 world in Tokyo.

Andrew knows just about everybody in the web/media/internet space in Tokyo and has been to a ziliion events in his career. He calls CJ Night Tokyo:-

Possibly the biggest international CGM/blogger/vlogger event in Tokyo ever.

And the best thing about CJ Night Tokyo is that it will be held every month.

If you are a mega blogger or YouTuber, are in the IT/Creative/Media industry and think you should be a part of CJ Night Tokyo then please contact me through my linkedIn.
If you don't have a billion page view blog but reckon you are going to be and love sharing then contact me!

Andrew playing with a giveaway from Square Enix which was won by pro photographer Lenard Po.

And I promised the crowds Jackie Chan - hes the tallest guy in the photo.

Onda-san - another Lumix LX3 owner.

From right to left:-
Jacky Chan
Ken Lee
Kitty Vo (legal)

Plo Broggers and YouTubers - Claytonian, Hiko-san, Crux, ElevenColors and channeIreview.

Going to keep her anonymous for now - from Kotobukiya.

Market Researcher Harada Setsuko, President of Meta Associates Gohsuke Takama, Sven and Michael from CScout Japan.

A cool gadget in the house - a handheld Optoma projector - photo does the unit no justice. Quality was awesome! Want.
Optoma Pico Pocket Projector in action below.

Hobby Stock-san with some freshly baked SAFS for me ^^;

Taken at just before 12 midnight-ish when most have left to catch the last train.
Charisma blogger Jean Snow, David Abrams who runs CheapAssGamer (and is the third most subscribed YouTuber in Japan) together with Andrew.

Didn't get photos of everybody who attended the event and will try to snap them all over time.

And a quick message to all CJ Night Tokyo members - the next event will be held next month. Andrew and I are arranging event space and will send out an announcement soon. The LinkedIn group and CJ Night Tokyo official site will be up soon too.

And the bunch of business cards that I came home with from CJ Night Tokyo - *the* networking event in Tokyo for the best in Consumer Generated Media.


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