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A Week in Tokyo 32

Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2009/01/19 17:29 JST In A Week in Tokyo
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Another late Week in Tokyo - usual drill where some photos are a bit more than a week old.
Starting off with a lovely evening view near Tsukiji. All photos taken with the trusty Lumix LX3.

Hello Kitty can has hair.

To gain trust in consumers, some veggies have a picture of the folks who grew them. Seen this done on some Chinese and Thai products too. Apart from Colonel Sanders, do they do this in your neck of the woods too?

This is how folks in Japan refill their coffee.

Press the Charge tube on the end of the jar and it will be filled up in a few secs.

Approving the few hundred (^^;) friend requests on my PS3 account - sorry for the long wait!
One of the reasons why I don't play on the PS3 as often as I'd like to is because nearly every time I turn on the machine, it asks to update the firmware. Not sure about other regions but updates in Japan happen too often.
My PS3 ID is dannychoodotcom ^^;

Admiring the old architecture that can be found dotted all over Tokyo.

Some Nori Miso soup for lunch.

Din dins at the nearby Togoshi Ginza.

Stopping outside a new mansion on the way home to take a pic.

Restocking on the most used item in the house - super glue.

Back from throwing out the garbage. Logging into server via ssh.

At the new Pizza place in the neigborhood - 1,200 yen for my lunch.

Getting my drivers license renewed - 2 hour course. Will talk this later in a separate article.

Getting a breath of fresh morning air by a not-so-nearby river.

Dinner at home - grilled fish, daikon oroshi n white rice. Yum.

At the bookstore checking out the moe corner.
Do they sell anime type mags in your region? I remember when I lived in Seattle during 2004 - the anime mags there were kinda sad.

Eureka Seven gets the pachinko treatment.

Checking out some goodies at the 100 yen store - these are perfect for attaching to the belt of Stormtrooper or sand trooper armor.

Picking up some electrical plugs n taps from the 100 yen store - Daiso. We still use cutlery that we bought from the 100 yen store when we came to Japan. 100 yen stores FTW.

From the 100 yen store - life saver L sockets for those huge ugly power adapters.

Installing Leopard on the old PowerBook. Takes about 15 mins. Reminds me of the 40 min wait of Windows XP. Was there an improvement over XP in Vista?

Some not so yummy Mabo Tofu lunch - 700 yen.

Meetings with comrades at the Amazon offices to discuss this n that.

Out n about in Shibuya.

Networking meeting with comrades at Access International Law Group. We have found a way to locate trolls and seize all their possessions.

Heading home through Center Gai in Shibuya.

BLT Sand for lunch. The Japanese call sandwiches "Sando" and often spell it as "Sand" so don't be surprised if your Japanese friend asks if you want some sand for lunch - unless your friend is stingy and really serve you a cuppa sand.

At the import store Kaldi who specialize in Coffee beans and do a load of other stuff too - mainly dried foods. Picking up some brown sugar for the PG Tips here.

Folks in Japan this week have a large choice of health magazines.

At an Izakaya for din dins. An Izakaya is kinda like a Japanese pub.

Trying Mc Dees latest offering - their quarter pounder. Have never thought of Mc Dees as a burger place but unfortunately we don't have that many Burger Kings available in Tokyo.
Thought I'd check out their latest attempt to redeem themselves - only to find that I was served a clump of meat which tasted like the hide of a steaming camels bottom.

Filling up with some gas at Eneos.

Catching up with some Kannagi - check it out if you have not watched it - the girls are mega cute and the OP is adorable - me watch it from beginning to end for each show.

Been watching more anime on the iPod of late now that both Mac Minis are being used as servers.

Need to do more reading of English books. Downloaded an e-book application from the App Store for the iPod Touch - The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Been a great read so far. Not out in Japanese theaters. No spoilers please ^^;
How much of your time do you spend reading books every week? Any recommended reading titles? The last paperback I read was The Da Vinci Code.

Going through the ETC - the automated highway payment system which deducts money from your credit card when you drive through. Without an ETC installed, one would have to stop and pay in cash at the gates. We paid roughly 2,800 yen to use the highways from Tokyo to Hakone.

The roads are in generally good condition so I don't mind paying to use the highways. As far as I remember, the highways were free to use in the US but many were in bad condition. Do they charge to use highways in your dominion?

Another use case for a dakimakura - cover for your seat. Thanks to HLJ for sending over this sample of Tiffania where you can get her for 9,000 yen.

And this is the other side of the dakimakura. See more practical use cases of a dakimakura and how it can keep your trousers from falling down.

Togoshi Ginza has a load of restaurants and will last you many many lunches n dinners.

The Uesugu Kenshin samurai sword from HLJ that you saw earlier... looks like this. The gaps between the ribbon are too wide - need to try again. Will be my 5th attempt ^^;

And was jesting about troll possession seizing ^^;


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