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Unity Yuno

Posted by Danny Choo On Sun 2009/01/11 04:30 JST In Good Smile Company
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Review of Unity Yuno from the eroge Unity Marriage. Before I continue, need to get the NSFW warnings out there - the oppai pics are at the end of the article.

Yuno is 1/8 scale and retails for 6,800 yen. Should be widely available now as she came out last month I think.

Quite a sweet figure with a dynamic pose. Have not played the game so don't know what those blue wing things are - dolphin cutters? Whatever they are be careful when putting them on as they are a bit fragile.

One of the most interesting things about this character design are the magical pantsu which are held on with two ribbons.

More downloadable Yuno goodies including wallpaper at UnisonShift and all the HCGs from the game at Sankaku (NSFW desu).

When the box arrived, I was surprised to see that the rubber "bra" cups that covers her oppai were loose in the box. I initially thought that maybe it was because she was a Saki Dashi sample [先出サンプル] which means the first samples off the production line - the folks at GSC usually open them to check the quality and I thought that mine had already been inspected.

After opening the box however, I was more surprised at how the two bra cups fit on her oppai - the rubber cups just cling on for life around her juicy(?) oppai and more often than not just fall off when you handle her.

Now for something that I've been meaning to ask you. I know that folks read dc for many different reasons but what in your mind is the most important subject covered here? Would it be the life in Japan stuff? Figures? Just want to make sure from your feedback that I'm keeping a balance.


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