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Posted by Danny Choo On Tue 2011/08/30 09:46 JST In Japanese Pop Culture
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Today, I try to seek as many practical uses as possible for a dakimakura cover (huggable pillow cover) starting with this example.
If you are planning on robbing a fictional bank (not recommended) then you may need something to cover up your face - the dakimakura is perfect for the job.

Before I continue, I must mention that many photos in this article are not safe for work unless you have a randy boss or colleagues who usually join you when you are looking at ecchi stuff during work hours (do you?)

Thanks to comrades at HLJ for sending over this dakimakura cover of Sasara Kusugawa - 10,000 yen for the cover and you will need the pillow which costs 5,000 yen. The pillow is vacuum packed and comes flat but quite heavy.

Here we see an example of how to use a dakimakura for when you are feeling lonely - dinner time with Sasara. Dinner looks yummy too - Pretz and Pocky.

And if you feel like having a romantic dinner then just flip round the dakimakura.

Here we see Sasara-chan keeping my office chair warm while I'm out to lunch for a bit.

Great to have in the office too to prevent people from snooping around your desk.

Fed up of going for ronery drives? Sasara to the rescue. You can also use this technique for countries like the US who have carpools - two or more passengers are needed to use the fast lane.

After living with your new dakimakura partner, you will need to give her a wash from time to time. You may want to be careful which side you have facing outwards in the case that you have narrow minded neighbors.

Apart from washing your bottom, our toilet comes with a seat heater which helps prevent you jumping off the cold seat in the morning where poo would then fly all over the place.
Folks who don't have seat warmers can use your dakimakura to keep it warm.

Sasara and friends. Never ronery.

Sasara can be proactive in wanting to provide help to care for her owners health. The lines you see on her bod are the creases on the actual pillow and not the cover. I presume creases will flatten out after prolonged health care sessions?

For those who get ronery playing Wii on their own - a dakimakura makes a great partner. You may find yourself winning all the time though.

A dakimakura is also a great apparel accessory - being used here as a stylish belt.

Tis the cold season now but thanks to the dakimakura, I have a stylish scarf to keep out the chilly wind.

In some countries, it may be compulsory or fashionable to wear garnments over ones head - the dakimakura is the perfect accessory. Just make sure to wash it after health care sessions or your hair may end up tangled up, gooey and smelling of fish.

A dakimakura can also be used as a door mat to greet guests to your house.

But if you are expecting in-laws, you may want to use this side instead.

Macro shot with the Lumix LX3. The material kind of feels warm n silky. Probably very kind on your pet dolphin.

A dakimakura also makes a great evening dress for your Dollfie.

Or you can use it as a pet sheet - remember to wash it before health care sessions or you will end up with pet pee and poo all over your body. probably end up with an itchy dolphin too.

Thought I'd dig up some more acquired cloth girls - this huge silky bed sheet of the lovely Erika Sendo from Fortune Arterial.

One of the nicest illustrations I've seen of her. Does anybody have an image of this? I've only seen the pose on this sheet.

A king size silky bed sheet featuring the girls from Akaneiro ni somaru zaka.

Kasumi dakimakura from the eroge Kimihagu. This cover is really small though and didnt know they came in different sizes.

Hmmm. Looks like she spilt some condensed milk on herself.

You is own dakimakura?

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And a closer look at the Wild Cougar Beretta that we saw in the first photo.

Picked this up many many moons ago when I wanted a Socom from playing too much Metal Gear Solid. Was all sold out at the time so got this instead ^^;


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