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Paco House

Posted by Danny Choo On Thu 2009/03/26 15:07 JST In Japan
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Living at home with parents? Need some private space? Have a garden that has at least 3 square meters?

Then you need Paco - a 3x3x3 square meter box that has everything you need to sustain your life - bed, shower, toilet, kitchen, electricity, water and the most important thing - the internets.

Have a look at the Facilities page to see how water, electricity and services would be pulled into the Paco. Hover your furry friend (mouse) over the text on this page to see all the different functions of the Paco.

The price chart is here and you can get a Paco for 6,300,000 yen that includes a kitchen, shower, toilet, lighting and shiny floor.
The cheapest version is the skeleton at 4,200,000 yen where you can customize the inside - for example making a trap door for a Candy Girl.
Tis a bit pricey considering that you can build a three story house like ours for less money.

I remember the day I moved out after living with my mum for years - felt like the guy in the Shawshank Redemption at the end ^^;

Do try to watch this film - inspiring.

Images taken from Design Boom where you can see better pics - news from Jean Snow who is a charisma blogger in Tokyo writing about fashion and art trends.

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