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Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2008/12/22 04:05 JST In Figures
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Its been a while since I stuffed over 100 photos in an article. The last time I done so was when the photos were hosted on dannychoo.com - the server would always go down due to the load.
Now that all article photos are hosted on my Flickr account, I can stuff more photos in one article but need your feedback on loading times and whether you had any problems viewing.

Anyway, starting off with this kit of Sanya-chan.

Was my first visit to a Hobby Complex. Expected to see a lot especially because I heard that GK sellers wanted to display at Hobbycon due to the lack of a Wonfes next year.

While they did have a lot on display, a lot of it was stuff we had already seen in previous Wonder Festivals (all previous coverage here).

Would usually have taken quite a few photos but just mainly snapped stuff we have not seen before.

Before you scroll down any further, I forgot to mention that this article contains many NSFW photos.

Was interesting to see that many of the dealers were handed out "Under 18's cannot purchase" notices and green stickers which were used on the figures Op Pie. While vendors at the Wonder Festival were encouraged to do the same, looks like they were more pro active this time.

This is my most fave garage kit figure - SO RAN. Would love for this to be made into a PVC figure.

They also had a load of vendors selling PVC figures. I saw the Figma Konata in Haruhi costume for about 8,000 yen!

Enough of my babbling - enjoy the rest of the photos. A couple more Hobby Complex posts in the News Items later.

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