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Tower of SAFS

Posted by Danny Choo On Sun 2008/12/21 03:37 JST In Good Smile Company
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Yet another tower of SAFS has risen within the depths of Mirai Inc. The eyes of the tower occupants see all those who wear the ring. Those eyes occasionally wobble from time to time sending fear through all who attempt to return the ring to the tower and try to cast it in the fiery pit.

A look at the 1st and 2nd floors.

The 3rd and 4th floors. The fiery beast awaits at the top floor to devour those who manage to get this far.

Behind the Tower of SAFS.

The formidable tower has the ability to disappear by day and reappear in another location when the seventh moon of Variquaintus crosses the orbit of Montiquilont. The rooms end up on a different floor too. A warrior trying to return the ring who ends up in the tower during an orbit crossing will be trapped within the walls as the tower shifts its shape. They will rot for 2 thousand years while their bodies are consumed by tower rats.

Now we take a look at the tower guardians located in each room. First up is Haruka Minazuki sculpted by Liu Chao. Looks like Max Factory is starting to go international with their sculptors.

Guardian Hruka's choice of weapon is the Waitress Tray of Satan. Haruka usually guards the first floor toilet.

Recently released Figma Ryomo.

Guardian Ryomo's weapon of choice is the Handcuffs of Eternal Blood.

Recently released Figma Shana.

Shana's weapon of choice is the Melon Pan of Seething Claw.

Guardian Saber Lion. Her choice of weapon is the Moe Fruitcake.

Nendoroid Sakura Nankyoku. Her choice of weapon is the Pickaxe of Thundering Slayer Volcanic Totem Pole.

The Goddess of Pie Hiyori Pixie.

Her choice of weapon is her Op Pie mounted on her chest. Before using her weapons, she would do a 'Cast Off.'
Hiyori should be out sometime in the beginning of the year.

Just like Pixie, Yuno is also armed with level 9000 Op Pie Pulse Lazer Photon Cannons where each nozzle is in the shape of a heart.
Yuno is due out next week.

Kasumi's choice of weapon is the Rabid Rabbit Breath.

No release date yet.

Her choice of weapon is the Flaming Basket of Avalanche Cyclone Revenge. She merges with Haruka to form the Twin Demon of Kaylenthall.

The tower pets. Wondering if anybody ordered these?

A sneek peekus at Unity Yuno - review up soon.


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