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Japan UFO Catcher

Posted by Danny Choo On Wed 2008/12/17 07:05 JST In Japan
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Always knew that the UFO Catchers over here had cool stuff but didn't know how cool and the variety of goodies they had.

Was in Shinjuku the other day where you can find a load of UFO Catcher centers filled with goodies galore including this Sega Haruhi Ver.2 - review of this catch at this burogu and more pics at GA Graphic.

I think this one cost about 100 yen to play. Some you pay 200 yen for one try, some is 100 yen for a few tries etc.

Do you get decent stuff in UFO Catchers in your gaff?

Lum and the name of this character completely slips my mind - "name that character" desu.

Gouf and Zaku up for grabs too.

We get food in our UFO Catchers too.

Mmmmm. Green tea Kit Kat.

More snacks.

UFO Catchers come in all sorts of shapes n sizes.

These are probably for the kids as the height is quite low. They like to encourage kids to gamble to prep them for a life of Pachinko.

Lupin n Zugog - me forgets his name.

Used to love the Lupin movies but the ones of late have been a bit "meh" as they say.

Gundam girls.

Kamen Rider.

More Gundam girls.

Dragonball goodies.

We got Ritz in Japan too.

Pink Aliens.

Ice cream UFO Catcher.

With this UFO Catcher, you need to control the arm and get it to hit the button which drops the pig to its death. This one costs 500 yen for 1 try. Looks easy but...

Pedo bears.

More Pedo bears.

Pedo Octopus.

Pedo Moyashimon.

More kiddy gambling machines. Which brings me to a question. Would you consider this gambling?

Alien VS Predator stuff. Have not seen the film but hear its crap?

Gachapin Pedo.


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