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A Week in Tokyo 30

Posted by Danny Choo On Fri 2008/12/12 07:33 JST In A Week in Tokyo
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Bit late with this weeks Week in Tokyo but be knowist that this series will always continue as I personally find them useful to keep track of what I've been up to.

Looking back at the first week in Tokyo, I think about how much has changed over the past year. 2008 has been great so far and look forward to even more changes for the remainder of this year.

First pic taken at a local shopping street. Went out for an evening stroll and picked up some warm snacks. Here they sell deep fried minced fish. Tastes a bit like Chinese fish balls.

Having some Gyoza (Chinese Dumplings) while reading Mac Fan.

Evening shot with the Lumix Lx3. Actually all photos in this article is taken with the Lumix.

Regularly spend time getting rid of stuff that I don't want so that I can easily find the stuff that I do want. Got a box full of Gundam Fix Figuration parts which have just been sitting there for about 2 years. Actually thinking of just inviting readers to my house and asking them to take what they want. Load of Figures and Gundams need to be shifted to make room for the attack of the Dollfies.

What do you do with your Gundam and Figure accessories? I'm trying to think of the point of just keeping them in a box but cant ^^;

Shot of my desk from the other end.

The recycling laws have changed but just a bit. Recyclable plastics are mainly food containers. Most other plastics are now thrown out with the combustible rubbish.

They now come round to collect pet bottles which we used to have to take to the supermarket to get recycled.
Unlike Germany and some other countries, we don't get money for recycling our bottles but nearly everybody practices recycling religiously.

Hot n spicy Korean food does wonders on a cold Winters day.

BLT Lunch at Johnathans with Mikuru-chan.

Jiji spotted at the entrance to Johnathan's. Majo no Takkyubin is one of my fave Miyazaki movies. Kiki is such a cutie. Does that mean I get a call from Mr Hansen?
Still didn't get why Jiji lost his ability to speak.>

Gravure idol calendars up for grabs. What type of calendar is going to entertain you for the rest of 2009?
Speaking of calendars, Congrats to all those who won one in the last giveaway.

This weeks Mc Dees Happy meal giveaways. Wonder when they are going to start to giveaway Nendoroids?

As many of the roads in Tokyo are really narrow, many end up being one way. This road was having some road works done and they were kind enough to put up directions that cars should follow.
Reminds me of the service back in London. When trains were not running at a particular station, they would just say "please seek alternative methods of transportation" and when there were roadworks, one would have to guess how to use a different route.

When you walk into a place to eat for lunch, more often than not, if you are alone they will ask you to sit at the counter. If you are in a pair or more then you will be lead to a table. if you go in alone and the counter is full, they will ask "Go aiseki yoroshii desu ka?" meaning "Do you mind sharing a table with others?"

Tempura lunch set - 880 yen.

9AM in Shibuya. Rubbish being sorted out.

Shibuya Meeting in Center Gai.

Meeting up at the Moai statue also known as "Moai Zou." You will always find people hanging around here waiting for others.

Charging my Suica. Suica is a chargeable card which you can use to pay for transportation and other goods and services. Many mobile phones have Suica built in. I prefer the card version as it fits into the glove of my Stormtrooper armor.

Waiting for a train.

Love watching Tokyo go by from the train cruising along an elevated track.

Playing with Briareos fresh out of the box.

Play with Motoko a bit too. Motokoooooooo!

Day in Shinjuku. People speak of Japan being in recession but I don't notice any slow down in the pace of peoples shopping habits. Business on my side is doing well too.

I'm not consciously spending less either but one of the reasons could be because that most of my otaku merchandise interests are covered by generous sponsors ^^;

Are you finding yourself spending less in 'this economic climate'?

Stuck the original of this Lumix shot in the Wallpaper Pool.

Nabe Udon at Meguro. About 1,200 yen.

Vader gets the Pachinko treatment. The TV commercials had a load of troopers with the horrible AFX helmet (the one on the right).

Salmon wrapped in cabbage for lunch. 990 yen.

Am selling the Postbed sewing machine and was asked to print out some photos for the dealer who I'm working with. Nice n glossy photos for 39 yen each. Printed some figure ones as a test too.

Will probably regret selling the machine as I'm guessing I will want to make clothes for my Dollfies in the future. Will probably get a home sewing machine that fits in the cupboard though.

Bento lunch with Saber. More pics of Saber at Good Smile.

The Lumix battery does not seem to last too long on one charge. When looking for an official battery from Panasonic (that costs about 5,000 yen), I came across a third party battery for 830 yen! Have been using it for a few days now with no problems what so ever.

Tofu lunch with Mikuru-chan.

With comrades at Fox Japan. More of what happened on the night soon but here is a taster for now.

Fox Japan have lovely offices and a great view from their balcony over looking Shibuya too.

World Of Lies - wondering how long it took to get to Japan.

De-armoring after a few hours in Harajuku and Shibuya.

Rounding off with a snap from Shibuya earlier this week.


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