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Japan Free Toss

Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2008/12/08 14:39 JST In Japan
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Seen the Free Hugs in Tokyo for many a moon now but this was the first time I saw "Free Toss" where they toss you in the air.
In Japanese this is known as "Dou-age" [胴上げ] (pronounced "Door-ageh"). Folks visiting from the UK however may get the wrong idea about a "free toss" - "tossing" in London slang means to wax ones dolphin...

Related facts 1: In Cantonese, waxing the dolphin is also for some reason referred to as "hitting the aeroplane."

Related Facts 2: The Japanese word for waxing the dolphin is known as Onani [オナニー] which according to wikipedia comes from the German word Onanie meaning the same thing. I think its the same word in Korean too.

Interesting how one can learn such useful stuff in a single day.


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