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Posted by Danny Choo On Fri 2008/12/05 01:55 JST In Japan
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Went with comrades Joi Ito and Hector to take a bunch of Silicon Valley folks on a puchi tour around Akihabara.

The tour was filmed by Boing Boing TV and you can download the MP4 version from Joi Ito's burogu. If disappears for a while then its because of the pounding that the server is taking due to the incoming traffic.
And if you have just visited from Boing Boing, welcome! You can read more about this site or dive into the Japan or Figure portal.
Hmmm. Wonder if our new visitors will get lost and confused - remember many of you saying that you was confused the first time you visited ^^;

Photos and coverage of what went on during the tour in the Silicon Valley in Tokyo article.

This photo was taken at Dearstage which you can see in the video. Had no pin mic so my voice is a bit muffled.
This video is Creative Commons Attribution.
If you cant view the video for some reason then there is one at too.

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