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Haruka Takamori

Posted by Danny Choo On Wed 2008/11/26 07:31 JST In Figures
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Been very behind in the figure review department - too many SAFS ^^;
Today we take a look at the gorgeous Haruka from the eroge Beat Blades haruka.

Haruka was released a while back by Alter. Shes 1/8 scale and you can get her from HobbyLink Japan who were kind enough to send in a sample. Retail price is 6,800 yen.

Love her dynamic pose but the base takes up a load of space and the font type on the base (forgot to take a pic) looks like poo.

Haruka looks gorgeous from any angle - an example here of yokopai.

Lovely thighs.

SankakuComplex has some cute images of Haruka in the flesh which you may want to check out.

Another yokopai shot.

Haruka has a very sweet face too and if I was to be stabbed with a ninja type weapon then I would most certainly choose Haruka to do it...

..then she could stab me with her other weapons.

Her weapons are removable and you can put other stuff in her hands but I completely forgot to take some pics of her rowing a boat.

A few of these in the Wallpaper Pool.

Another great release from Alter. And for those who are wondering why Kotobukiya have a figure of Haruka in the exact same pose - whats supposed to happen is that when a figure maker gets a license to use a character, the property owner (in this case I think its Alice Soft) is supposed to make sure that no two figure companies make the same figure in the same pose.

In this case, I heard there was a communication problem which is why Alter and Kotobukiya ended up making the same character in the same pose...

Today I wanted to ask which company do you have the most figures of. Since I started to work with GSC, my GSC and MAX figures completely out number the rest but before I joined them, most of my figures were Max Factory, followed by Good Smile, Alter, Kotobukiya and then Mega House.

Thanks once again to HobbyLink Japan for the lovely sample - get yours at HLJ.

Some of Haruka in action before I forget.


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