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YouTube Live Tokyo

Posted by Danny Choo On Tue 2008/11/25 07:25 JST In Japan
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Was invited by comrades at Google to YouTube Live Tokyo - the reason why I could not stay in Singapore for AFA. The most awesome thing about Live Tokyo was getting to meet n network with a load of other YouTubers too like the lovely Magibon.

Sunday 1:45PM. Crossing the bridge over to the Odaiba area.

Drive past the thousands of folks queuing up to get in.

The event was held at Studio Coast. My Shibuya Dance Trooper video playing on the big screen to entertain the folks while they wait.

View from backstage door.

Metup with comrade Kanda-san who you may recognize from the first TV interview I done for Japanese TV below.

The Lobby Only pass for performers and reporters. Today I'm here as a reporter.

Nyoki Nyoki with Tsukushi.

Inside the venue.

With the MC spending a few mins going over what we are going to talk about. Not sure what I was in for so didn't rehearse. Need to brush up on the ad lib skills ^^;

More million view YouTubers.

Tsukushi must have felt a bit cold with their armor on.

Gimmieabreakman on the right with Kynapple on the left (fellow brit). Her burogu >

Playing around backstage looking for food.

A peek at the stage before I jump on.

I'm on at about 5PM.

Talked about the armor (where/why), and...


Ken managed to record my slot which I will upload to YouTube later. The YouTube staff give all performers some goodies.

Magibon is really small n sweet.

One without the bucket.

The Lobby Only pass gets us pass this barricade.

Shibuya Dance Trooper playing inside the venue too.

No photos or videos were allowed of BoA or the other biggies but you can see videos of them taken by the organizers at the Live Tokyo channel.

Tokyo Cooney - sub to his channel for a load of life in Tokyo.

Some YouTube ladies.

have you seen his vid? They make music with their faces.

After the event its off to Odaiba with the other YouTubers for a networking dinner.
Emily and I making a quick video.

You can sub to Emily's YouTube Channel here.

You should expect a battle between Emily and I soon ^^
Emily has her fair share of bashers too - but we can easily deal with that by sending them for a photo walk.

Tkyosam and I get together to make a quick vid.

Now that the top YouTubers in Japan are going to make a load of collaboration videos - which channel do we upload the videos to? ^^;

Room O YouTubers. Interesting to see that the top Youtubers in Japan are mostly foreigners.

Jackie Chan (yes his real name), Gimmieabreakman, Sweet Lady and Eleven Colors.

Tokyo Cooney. Name the YouTuber on the left.

A peek at my swag which was heavily upgraded from last years YouTube Mix party.

YouTube notebook.

Just what I needed - Targus bag with Kagami case.

Big thanks to Tokyo Hunter and Ken Lee for taking some of these pics.


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