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Posted by Danny Choo On Fri 2009/03/20 09:56 JST In Japan
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Was asked if I would appear in a CM for a particular company last week - have always wanted to be in a commercial so the answer was "iiyo" [いいよ] (pronounced "ee-yo") meaning "sure thing!"

Was in a Coca Cola commercial back in the UK when I belonged to Robert Starnowski studios - but only appeared in a crowd ^^; Other work at Starnowski had me in a TV drama called "Family Money" and a commercial for the Discovery Channel on fireworks - all these parts had me doing small stuff though.
The mornings filming however fully featured myself. Started at 09:00 and finished at about 13:00. Filming of some other folks are taking place right now.

We took Aoi-chan along too - has nothing to do with the commercial which is more of an image video.

And a snap of the warehouse where filming took place. Cant speak about it until its released but cant wait to share it with you. Took a load of photos of the process too.
Would be interesting to hear your guesses though ^^
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