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A Week in Tokyo 29

Posted by Danny Choo On Sun 2008/11/23 19:21 JST In A Week in Tokyo
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Bit behind in the Week in Tokyo so this week will cover a bit more than a week.
First up we have yet another ramen place that just opened in our neighborhood. When a new shop opens, the Japanese usually put out a ton O flowers in front of the shop that they've received from well wishers - usually from companies that they work with.

And when a new shop opens, there are always queues of folk lining up to check out the goods or food.

Tis getting rather chilly in Tokyo - love the cold n crisp sunny mornings though.

Some crab katsu with Rin.

Some rice cake type dessert - forgot what its called - 100 yen.

Tenpura don for lunch with Kagamin. Many traditional Japanese lunches come with miso soup.

Some halloween objects that they are trying to get rid of - this time not tied to those bars below.

Tis the season to be jolly. Thanks to Gordon for starting the avatar-with-festive-theme boom across ^^;

Will probably stick up the lights outside the house tomorrow.

Checking out the where you get all the posts from the previous day in your inbox. Looks decently formatted. Great for busy folks who cant visit every day or who hate the clutter and ads across the site - signup here.

Then its doing some otagei on stage with a few cute girlies.

In Akiba with the Silicon Valley folks.

Pokemon calendar up for grabs at Mc Dee's. Still looking for a moesome 2D girl calendar for next year.

B'fast at Mc Dees with Ken Taya.

Picked up another 100 yen cooking brush for dusting down the girls.

Got my Indy Jones waiting in the lounge for viewing - how was it compared to the previous Indy's?

Still need to get Shaolin Girl which just came out on DVD.

Been meaning to take up making coffee with beans. Had a colleague at Amazon who made amazing coffee. Anybody dabble in this pastime?

Rabbit food with Rin.

Rin n Pasta for lunch.

Off to some meeting somewhere deciding which figure to take with me. Guy Kawasaki's "Art of the Start" book on the desk was the last book I read before starting up Mirai Inc. An important message from Guy below. Start a company to make meaning - not money. If your main aim to start a company is to make money then you wont make meaning *and* wont make money.

Mirai Inc is a place for me to enjoy life and for me to live the meaning of life. Hmmmm. I think I have more to talk about this subject but will do so at a later date.

Spicy ad for a spicy snack.

This ad has been running on the trains forever. A man and woman are distressed because the company they work at uses pirated software. They call up the BSA to grass on their boss and give a really smug grin at the end.

Questions: Are you aware of any pirated software being used at your work? If so, would you grass on your company?

At the New Context Conference 2008.

The conference turnout was quite a few but seemed much less than last year?

One of my goals is to build up Mirai Inc to make our services significant enough to speak at next years conference.

At the blog dinner in Gotanda. About 90 bloggers and IT folks attended - the most ever in the 5 year history of the monthly get together. The former GM for Microsoft Japan was there too.

Being interviewed by a Mac magazine which should be out at the end of this month - really excited about the publication. Those horrid bars outside the window were there when we bought this house and never bothered to remove them.

Then its off to Singapore for a week of eating, speaking, and interviewing.

Spent the last night on the 30th floor of some building having lovely chicken rice with the folks at Animax.

Zip forward a few days in time to be at Changi airport - about to catch a plane back to JP.

Checking out before getting on the plane. Was surprised that it wasn't blocked like last time in Germany - flagged as an adult site.
Nice that the internet service was free.

Singaporeans get 7.2Mbps - we get 100Mbps for the same price in Japan ^^;

But Singapore does have something even more tasty than a 100Mbps connection - free wireless access across the island with their Wireless@SG service which I would rather have. Which would you rather have?

Decent food with ANA.

The thoughts that playback through your head while looking out the plane window eh?

About to touch down in JP.

First thing we do before we head home is to grab some stuff at Seven Eleven. We usually finish off the fresh stuff like milk and the such before we travel so the refrigerator is pretty much empty when we get back to home sweet home.

Just back from YouTube Live Tokyo as I write this - was an amazing event. Cant wait to show you the photos - it will be the next article.

The next giveaway will be open to folks who are members and who are subscribing to my YouTube channel. A video will suddenly show up and cotain a question that is related to YouTube live. If you are not subscribed you may want to do so now. YouTube Live Tokyo was just awesome. The amount of new comrades I made in a single day was staggering. Went along with a new pack of 100 name cards and came back with 3 left. Met up with a load of comrades who I used to work with at Microsoft who are now at Google too - everybody seems *much* more happier ^^; Also met a load of TV folks - on Japanese TV again soon. You voted for stormtroopers and high school girls - you are going to get it! Me and the lovely Maginbon (here burogu here) back stage. And please - Magibon gets a load of hate messages already so folks who are thinking of leaving snide remarkes about her should go read this instead.


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