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Singaporean Food

Posted by Danny Choo On Sat 2008/11/15 03:37 JST In Travel
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The first thing I wanted to do when I landed in Singapore was to go get grub.
Met up with One and Ryukawa who took us to get some most delicious Singaporean food.
This was taken at a hawker center - cant remember where it was but it had zillions of food stalls.

Was greeted with alleys of food, food and more food.

Didn't take the heavy SLR and wont be doing so until I get a MacBook Air ^^;
Here we see some dessert type food.

Need some help from the experts in naming these types of food stuffs.

Dont know what this was but smelt good.

Fresh fruit juices that don't cost an arm n leg. 2.5 Singapore dollars. Had watermelon and starfruit juice

Some folks helping themselves to...something that looks good.

Some crabs about to get the chop.

Cityzoom Minced Fish Noodle. Cityzoom.

Chee Cheong Fun. Hmmm. Wanted to explain what it was but am lousy at describing food. Its like some sort of steamed dish with a flourbase with bit of prawn and spring onions.

Finally spot an empty table.

Been longing for some Poh Piah for years. Kagamin joins in too.
This is a thin sheet of flour that wraps nuts n vegetables.

Malay style Satay which is served with yummy sauce, onions and cucumber.

Close up before consumption.

This tasted like Malaysian Kuay Teow soup - name that dish.

Table half full of food - more to come.

Fish head curry served with rice.

Singaporean style Hokkien noodles - quite different from the soup base noodles that I had in Penang. Still nice though.

Pepper crab.

Chinese style Satay. Personally prefer the Chinese style but the sauce that came with the Malay style was nicer I think.

The lovely starfruit.

If they ask "do you want salt in that" with your starfruit juice say yes because it tastes gorgeous.

Then we go for a stroll in some bohemian style district - cant remember where this was either ^^;

Teh Tarik - absolutely gorgeous milk tea - tastes the same as in Malaysia. I could drink this all day long and never get bored of the taste. Prefer this to PG Tips.

Back in the hotel to catch up with business.

Its Saturday morning now and we're going to head out to eat n walk, eat n walk. Back in the evening for tweaks of slides and final rehearsals for Promax and Animax.


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