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Nendoroid Shana

Posted by Danny Choo On Sun 2008/11/09 08:58 JST In Figures
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Having difficulty deciding which my fave Nendoroid is now that I has the Dengeki Daioh version of Shana. This Neko mimi thing is really growing on me ^^;

The Red hair Enpatsu version is due out sometime next week in stores throughout Japan. The black hair version is only available through Dengeki Daioh magazine.

The larger pics over at Good Smile.

Always feel like going out to the local convenience store to grab a melonpan when I look at her. Do they sell melonpan in your neck of the woods?

Very sweet.

Speaking of Shana, Sankaku Complex has a very interesting Shana gallery (NSFW).

Shana steals Yako's school uniform.

Looking quite good with Melissa's outfit too.

Some of these in the Wallpaper Pool.

Shana joins the SOS Dan.

Melissa nabs Shana's clothes.

Maid Shana.

Haruhi and Shana are up to something.

Me much prefer Shana with her black hair. A bit too many figures of her with red hair.

Nendoroid Puchi Shana that comes with one of the Shana DVD's

This is how I currently display my Melissa.

Shana gets mad at something.

Shana is upset.

Thought I'd give the room a quick going over. Hmmm. whats that on the right of the pic with the big pair O eyes?

The two Chizuru's. Thanks to Kotobukiya for the foxy sample.

Hmmmm. She look familiar ^^;

That guy look familiar too ^^;

Bikini girls.

Lovely oshiri.

Got rid of that horrible base that Alter Nagi sits on.

The few Gundams that remain after the Gundam VS Figure One Year War.

Probably the last figure that I paid money for ^^;

Foxkeh sits and watches all day.

Miki by the sewing machine.

Figures starting to creep all over the place.

Want to have a cleaner room but the thing is that there are too many lovely figures being released ^^;

Mmmmm. Shitapai.

Ringo gives the other girls the evil eye.

Cutie Airi.

More shitapai shenanigans with Chu Chu Astram.

I pose my Rize casted off.

Miko Tomoe. I should get around to getting a Miko outfit for the Suenaga girls.

Tsukasa always playing with her keitai.

One of Aki-sans (Boss of Good Smile) fave figures - Char.

My fave figure - Fauna.

Smexy Nida.

Another fave - Kureha.

Yet another fave - Alice.

MMMu! Another fave - Asakura. Reviews of all of these in the Figure Review category.

Review of Shiki up soon - some pics at Good Smile.

Hecotr has a load of figures too.

Tachikoma looks after the network printer.

Will try ot get the Human Mage review out this week too.

Desk after a photo shoot.


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