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Kemeko Deluxe

Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2008/10/27 05:26 JST In Anime
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Only started to read the manga Kemeko Deluxe after receiving the figures and now I'm completely hooked on Kemeko.

Last months Dengeki Daioh came with a Kemeko calendar which is filled with illustrations of the gorgeous Kemeko girls.

This is MM (emu emu) who pilots the Kemeko Mecha. The Kemeko is like Dr Whos Tardis I guess - small on the outside but has enough space inside to fit a human.
MM has a completely different personality when shes inside Kemeko.

The hilarious n ecchi Hayakawa Misaki.

MM riding Kemeko performing the Kemeko Kick.

The most gorgeous Makihara Izumi. Mmmm eyes.

Throughout the manga and anime, we see Kemeko appearing dressed in all manner of costumes.

Not really practical as a calendar but the illustrations are great.

Sanpeita is an ordinary student living an ordinary life who keeps thinking about the girl who he spent time with 10 years ago.
One day, Kemeko bursts into Sanpeita's room with a huge Gatling gun shooting seven shades of poop out of a baddie.
So far it seems that the girl inside Kemeko (MM) is the girl that Sanpeita has been dreaming about.

Izumi (the girl with the big eyes) is Sanpeita's childhood friend who plays the "likes-the-guy-but-too-shy-to-say-and-why-is-there-another-girl-after-him" role.

The clip below should give you a good feel of the anime.

And a quick look through Dengeki Daioh which includes the latest manga episode of Kemeko. What usually happens is that manga is first published in those telephone book thick editions and after a few months, all the episodes of Kemeko would be collected together and published as a volume.

Other manga from Dengeki Daioh includes many stories with many cuties in them.

Some mecha action too.

Ichigo Marshmallow.

Some ecchiness.

Neko mimi action.

Gurren Lagann.

Also includes a couple of posters too.

And a look at the cover of the manga volumes.

Currently on Vol 2. The first volume is covered by the first 5 anime episodes.

Looks like a Kemeko rival?

The latest volume is 04. Anybody else here who is reading the manga too?

Izumi is so cute.

A bit of the first volume. The anime follows the story in the manga quite closely and even though I know whats going to happen as I watch the anime, there are many enhances to the animation which make it just as enjoyable.

There were a few scenes which were not available in the manga. There was what seemed to be a pretty lame filler scene which lasted for 2 mins but also some surprise new scenes too.

As anime is usually based on a manga, I usually prefer the characters to keep the same personalities and have the anime follow the general story outline from the manga but do enjoy the occasional differences here n there.

I have seen many complaints about anime being different from the manga edition in terms of slight or radical changes in storyline/characters. What is your take on this?

MM politing her mecha Nendoroid Kemeko.

MM as Shana.

Will post a full review of MM and Kemeko soon.


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