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A Week in Tokyo 28

Posted by Danny Choo On Sat 2008/10/25 15:56 JST In A Week in Tokyo
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Starting off this weeks installment in the morning at Shinagawa station. Didn't know that there were so many hotels around here. Good location though. Easy to get to Akiba and not too bad for getting to Shinjuku/Shibuya.

For folks who have been to Tokyo, which area did you stay? I hear many folks stay in Ikebukuro because the accommodation is cheap. I hear horror stories about the service/quality though. Any places which your fellow comrade to stay at or avoid?

Somewhere in Shinagawa. Building full of IT folks. Many floors occupied by Sony.

One of the companies is ( English profile here ) where we are having a meeting.

Netprice specialize in areas like global logistics, e-commerce and have many web properties. Today we further talks we have been having to work on something together.

A small part of their business is producing idol DVD's. Which reminds me - about time I attend an Idol event - any particular requests of which idol? I'm thinking Hitomi Kitamura.

The folks at Netprice are really young compared to the average age at many other IT companies in Japan. They seem to be early or mid twenties while I know one IT company where the youngest folks were 45-ish ^^;
The folks in the meeting were project planners and not folks who just started to climb the corporate ladder meaning that they have been doing quite well for themselves.

At what age do you plan to look for a full time job? I was 25-ish when I got my first full time job at Japan Airlines. I considered that late as I previously spent time working for my dad and also spent a certain amount of time not knowing what I wanted to do in life - will talk this in a future article.

And for those who are already working - at what age did you get your first full time job?

Some more of the office.

View from the CEO's office. The CEO Teruhide Sato has done extremely well for himself and is still only 32. He will be speaking at the New Context Conference which I will be attending too.

Sato-san likes to hire cute staff ^^;

Egg on rice for lunch.

Out n about in the huge Shinagawa station.

The before...

..and the after. I only get one prawn with this dish. Are you the "save the best for last" type too? ^^;

Meeting at Shibuya Starbucks.

Playing with my new SAFS.

Sushi for din dins.

Tenpura for din dins.

Mikuru burner for lunch.

Fly Lice for dinner.

Playing with the Haruhi girls on the Mac.

Chinese for lunch.

Mc Dee's Mc Flurry - looks like bird poo but tastes great. Its ice cream with crushed Oreo. Have in your neck of the woods too?

Mabo Nasu Don for lunch - about 560 yen.

Familiar face advertising Honda's new car.

Deep fried shrimp n shana.

Didnt get a chance to go to Okinawa this year so making up for it by stocking up on a load of Sheekuasa juice.

Playing Pachinko is a day time job for many folks.

How many others (like me) who didn't get into Evangelion?

Grabbing some health food for a change.

Out n about in Shibuya.

Pre-paying for some ramen using the ticket machine at the entrance. I was so confused when I first came to Japan and saw these.

Ramen with fried chicken rested on the top.

Man handing out "free computers" leaflets. Speaking of free stuff I've finally started to give away figures to members. All giveaways from now will only be open to folks who have been registered for longer than 2 weeks - active members.

Many maps in popular areas have English on them and are usually marked with the "you are here."
I've been to so many countries where they don't bother to put the "you are here" mark - I'm guessing its to save on production cost.

Past this Singaporean seafood place and forgot to go back for lunch after. If I was in Singapore, where should I go for good food?

Tantan Men (noodles) for lunch.

Buildings over Shinagawa.

My camera automatically takes aim at the over 18 section at the convenience store.

Traditional Japanese lunch time.

Back in Shinagawa again.

This weeks office.

Closeup of this lovely girl at Good Smile.


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