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Chizuru Minamoto

Posted by Danny Choo On Thu 2008/10/23 10:33 JST In Figures
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Only saw one episode of Kanokon and decided it had much more fan service than I required so dropped it.

Dont know much about Chizuru but do know that she likes to smother some guy with her eyes? Was Kanokon on your watch list? Was it win or fail? Kanokon OP below and you can also see Chizuru in action at Sankaku Complex - NSFW if you don't work in a chocolate bra factory.

Had no idea that the shirt could be removed until I saw Azure's review. You need to do quite a bit of tugging on her though. The shirt has these teeth slots and I ended up breaking a few.

The first step I done was to pull on her legs and when she came apart I realized that I should have unbuttoned the shirt and pull away at the seams. Once thats done then its easy to remove the skirt.
She also comes with a pink cushion that you can stick in your underpants.

Chizuru slipped as I was taking photos of her.

The major boo boo about this figure is the arms - they didn't include sleeveless arms even though they implemented a cast off shirt n skirt. I would have posed her in her underwear but she looks silly with those sleeves. A lovely bod she has.

For some reason Kotobukiya likes to use gloss for the hair which makes many of their figures look bad. The photos emphasize the gloss but its actually not too bad on this one.

A couple of hi res in the Wallpaper Pool. BTW, these pics were taken on the new Kiss 2 SLR. The pics in the Wallpaper Pool are the originals. You can look at the EXIF info in those pics to see the settings I used.

I never take RAW as they take up tooo much space and is a bit too much for what I need. Do you take RAW pics or prefer the bog standard ones?

Still need to get used to the new SLR which is why the style of these photos look very different from my previous photos. The One Shot Auto Focus mode seems to be much more sensitive so even when I lock onto the face and move the camera to get the rest of the body, the camera focuses on her lower set of eyes instead. The way the camera handles light seems to be very different too.

I used to have the previous Kiss on "P" mode all the time but am taking this opportunity to learn how to take pics on full manual.
What mode do you use to take pics?

While we are on the subject of the camera, how do you sort your photos and where do you store them?
At the moment I've got a network drive with a folder called "photos" - in that folder I have sub folders Figures, Events, Gadgets, Home and Workspaces, Japan, Low Usage, Trooper and World.

The World folder has UK, DE, FR, CA, US, UK etc which contain pics taken from those countries - each of those folders have the folders sorted into 1999, 2000, 2001 etc.

Then on my local machine I have a photo folder "Recent Photos" which have 2008.01, 2008.02 etc and contains all the photos that I took that month. Once this year is out, I will copy everything to my network drive and delete my local copy.

The network drive is backed up by Time Machine to another drive and I also have the photos RSYNCed to an external drive. Will soon be getting another Flickr account to store all those photos but setting everything to "private."

I tried using iPhoto when I first got a mac and had nightmares with it. It was incredibly slow and one day it just un grouped everything so that all photos were lumped into one folder. Been thinking of trying out the new iPhoto but am wondering if the quality has improved.

Few more pics of Chizuru before seeing her casted off below.

Muchas Gracias to comrades at HobbyLink Japan for the most groovesome sample - you can get this figure of Chizuru on their site for 12,800 yen - they ship worldwide.

Theres also a Foxy version of Chizuru but thats only available at the Kotobukiya Online Store. Not sure which one I like the most.


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