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Posted by Danny Choo On Sat 2011/12/24 13:11 JST In Figures
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Tsuruya-san figma - one of my fave out of the whole figma series. Cute face, lovely fang. Time for another figma theater.

Before we start the figma theater, Tsuruya-san does some warming up.

If you've been following previous Figma Theaters, you will know that Lulu and Spinzaku are in the AV pron business. Today they are relaxing at home.

Lulu is checking some video footage that he previously took...

While Spinzaku is editing the footage on his windows machine.

Spinzaku steps out to wash his hands.

As soon as he leaves, a hand emerges from under the bed.

Tsuruya-san: "Nyroon! I'm Tsuruya from the sixth moon orbiting the seventh galaxy next to the gamma delta section which is just two light years from the farthest moon next to Orion.
You are Lulu of Earth right?!"
Lulu: "Wha What? cant you see I was in the middle of something and just about too...
How did you get into my room?!"
Tsuruya-san: "Look just shutup and clean up all this tissue - we are going to get married."
Lulu: "Uhhhh, I don't think so.."

Side question: have you ever been caught while taking care of your health?
When I was a wee lad, I was nearly caught so put a lock on my bed room door ^^;

And with that Lulu tries to escape but falls and hits his head on the floor which ignites his Geass on himself.

LuLu: "You are Tsuryya-san from the sixth moon orbiting the seventh galaxy next to the gamma delta section which is just two light years from the farthest moon next to Orion right?
We'd better go get married!"
Tsuruya-san: "Nyoron!"

Spinzaku is back from the washroom.
Spinzaku: "Wha, Whats going on?!"
Lulu: "Tsuruya-san and I are going to get married. i'm sick of this pron business. Sayonara."
Spinzaku: "Over my dead and beaten body!"
Tsuruya-san: "Ah, OK then!"

Tsuruya-san drags Spinzaku outside and gives him the "Double Corkscrew Giga Challenge of the Mighty Waterfall Rush Attack" which sends Spinzaku flying.
Spinzaku: "AIEEEEEEE!!!!"

Tsuruya-san looks for the nearest dog poo and treads in it. She then goes over to Spinzaku and wipes her shoe in his head.

Tsuruya-san and Lulu go to look for a wedding pantsu.
Tsuruya-san: "How about this one Lulu?"

Lulu: "Lemme take a sniff. Hmmmmm. Smells good, This one should be perfect."

Tsuruya-san and Lulu then head off to the next spot on their date before the wedding.
Tsuruya-san: "Catch me if you can!"
Lulu: "Come baaaaaack! ahaha ahaha ahaha ha!"

The next date spot is a lurve hotel which has been decorated like a school.
Tsuruya-san: "Please be gentle with me."
Lulu: "My middle name is 'gentle'"
Tsuruya-san: (giggle)

As the lovey dovey couple are about to unite, a mysterious hand reaches out from the bottom of the bed.

Its Ryu (Kaiyodo Revoltech) who was sent by Spinzaku to beat some sense back into Lulu.
Ryu: "Tatsumaki Senpuu Kyaku!"

Ryu: "Shoryuken!"

Ryu: "Mid Air Hadouken! Hadooooooooookeeeeeeennnnnnnn!"

Ryu: "And just because you are a girl don't think I'm going to show any mercy. Five Fathom Claws of the Merciless Depths of Armageddon Kick!"

Ryu's foot impacts onto Tsuruya-sans soft eyes which sends a tingling sensation through Ryu's body that renders him without any power.

Ryu is actually a cyborg and Tsuruya-sans soft eyes have caused Ryu to play back his popular attack moves.

Ryu gives a Hadouken in mid air and drops to the floor.

In the meantime Tsuruya-san has gotten change into her battle gear. Thanks to Hobby Stock for the Yoko Revoltech sample.

Tsuruya-san poses for a while before erupting into action.

Tsuruya-san gets out her big gun and uses it to toss Ryu into the air.
Ryu: "Please dont shoooooo...."

Ryu: "...ooot..."

Tsuruya-san only gets to use her big gun once before Spinzaku is back on the scene with the Satanic Sisters. They overwhelm Tsuruya-san and start wiping poo from their shoes on her body.

Tsuruya-san: "Lulu, help me please!"

Lulu is confused and starts to remember who he was but he has already developed a love for Tsuruya-san.

Lulu decides he chooses love over his life long buddy and turns against Spinzaku.
Lulu: "Reverse Heaven Surge of the Evil Thunderous Smasher Heel!"
Spinzaku is sent flying all the way back to his house.

Lulu: "Live! Tsuruya-san, Live!"

Tsuruya-san transforms into her Berserk Mode costume and heads to get the Satanic Sisters.

Tsuruya-san: "Whirlwind Swing of the Hydro Impact Gale!"

Tsuruya-san then calls on her Demon Beast - the Fiery Fox Foxkeh.
Foxkeh: "Growl!"
Looking very much like Pedobear here.

Foxkeh: "Growl! Growl! Growl! Ungaa!"

Tsuruya-san rides her trusty steed.
Foxkeh uses his "Fatal Four Muscle Ripper of the Mighty Crush Paw" to behead the last Satanic Sister.

Meanwhile Spinzaku arrives at home to find that somebody came in to steal all his furniture.
Spinzaku: "....."

Tsuruya-san: "Together at last!"
Lulu: "Nothing can tear us apart"
My vehicle is here, we shall return to my home which is the sixth moon orbiting the seventh galaxy next to the gamma delta section which is just two light years from the farthest moon next to Orion. We will get married there."

Tsuruya-san and Lulu start to make up for being interrupted in the Lurve hotel.
Tsuruya-san: "Please be gentle with me."
Lulu: "Growl."
Tsuruya-san: "Kyaaa!" (giggle)

As Tsuruya-san and Lulu get on with it, we see one of the smuggling bays open. A hand reaches out.

To be continued...

Starring figma Tsuruya.

She also has a hole in her hair for the stand.

Which can be covered up like this.

Tsuruya-san also comes with Emiri's head.

A few shots in the Wallpaper Pool.

And a few closeups of today's guest Foxkeh.


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