Sweet Body Hustler

Posted by Danny Choo On Sat 2009/03/14 03:25 JST In Figures
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Due out in May is this 1/7 scale figure entitled "Sweet Body Hustler" based on the illustration by Happoubi Jin. Retail price is 8,700 yen and the maker is by Orchid Seed. Front shirt part seems to be removable together with skirt and you can see more pics over at Hobby Stock Blog.
I don't remember pool being this interesting. Was looking for a pool table for the office which can be used as a standard table too but came up with nothing.

Happoubi Jins latest game Kanojo Full Throttle (NSFW! (Click right on the pupil to enter)) was just released and one of my comrades just happens to be the boss of the company that does the packaging - will hook up with Happoubi Jin when we both get time - want to show you the process that goes into designing eroge.

Kanojo Full Throttle action below - NSFW too.

View video at Nico Nico Douga

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