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Japanese High School

Posted by Danny Choo On Fri 2009/03/13 14:48 JST In Anime
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So you've seen the inside of high schools in Anime but what does one look like on the inside of a real 3D one?
Akita Tom takes a look in the clip below. Starts with a few slides and then goes into video. Sweet girl alert.

A high school girl that I know is going to graduate this year and I was talking to her the other day about the rules and regulations they had at school. One of the regulations was that the girls were not allowed to wear their school uniform into a restaurant - one of the reasons being that perverts lurk here n there.
There would also be some announcements from time to time at school like "there is a suspicious man by the school gates. Please go home directly after school."
Am actually meeting her tonight and will ask if she would do an interview in uniform ^^;
Shes quite sweet too.


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