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Mirai Suenaga

Sun 2009/09/27 15:00 JST

Mirai Suenaga is the mascot character for Culture Japan and heroine for the story Mirai Millennium.

Since her creation by Danny Choo back in 2007, Mirai has gained a wide following around the world.
We attend events around the world Including Anime Expo, Anime Festival Asia, Comic Fiesta and we also host our own events Culture Japan Night and Culture Japan Convention where Mirai fans can get together and mingle with each other.

Domestically in Japan, Mirai has collaborated with companies such as Good Smile Company, Bushiroad, Nitroplus, JC Staff, King Records, Kadokawa and more.
Internationally, Mirai has collaborated with Kinokuniya, Air Asia, Lawson, Penang Tourism and has also become Malaysia’s IC card called Touch N Go.

In 2013, Mirai became an official mascot for Japan Tourism and by early 2014 she had her own racing team which will race GT tracks worldwide.

Click the thumbnails below to see detailed illustrations of each of Mirai's uniform.



Name: Mirai Suenaga
Japanese Name: 末永みらい (すえながみらい)
Birthday: March 3rd
Height: 165cm
3 size: B86cm W58cm H85cm
Age: Forever sweet 17
Blood type: -Unknown- (has rare DNA)

Mirai Suenaga is the main character of Mirai Millennium. She is a 2nd year high-school student at Asakusa Metropolitan High School a covert member of the Solar Marine Crimson Force. After classes, Mirai participates in the news club activities at school where she is both a newscaster and reporter. Mirai has a bit of a shy side but at heart she is a very reliable young girl. She has a strong curiosity and will follow it through to the end with adventurous spirit. Her favorite food is oranges, and her favorite color is also orange. Her dream is to become a camerawoman.


Due to Mirai’s popularity overseas, it was only a matter of time that Mirai would become an official mascot for Japan Tourism.
In 2013, Mirai Suenaga collaborated with the Japanese Tourism board to create a map of Japan which has been distributed across Asia and soon to the rest of the world.
Mirai is now also working with the Japanese Ministry of Transport on a map of Tokyo.


The best thing about our job is that we get to meet Mirai fans at the Culture Japan booth that we setup at events around the world such as Anime Expo, Anime Festival Asia, Comic Fiesta and so on.


Culture Japan Night and Culture Japan Convention are events held worldwide where we get to meet a load of Mirai fans. Keep an eye on Danny's Facebook to find out when and where the next one will be!


The shape of Mirai's hairpin is an "X" and in Japan that means "collaboration" - Mirai was born to collaborate with organizations around the world to help spread Japanese culture.


Mirai has appeared in many Japanese anime and game titles such as Mayochiki by King Records, Twin Angel by Kadokawa, Sonicomi by Nitroplus, Weiss Schwartz by Bushiroad and Dracuriot by Yuzusoft.


The Mirai Suenaga license continues to grow with more and more manufacturers wanting to produce Mirai merchandise for fans.


Our Japanese learning flash cards Moekana and Moekanji have been popular with learners of Japanese worldwide - tens of thousands of packs have been sold and we are currently increasing the line as we speak.

We also have a manga based on the series.


Many popular artists (Japanese and International) take time out to illustrate our Mirai Suenaga who Include Tony Taka, Shirahane Nao (DMYO), Iizuki Tasuku, Koizumi Amane, Kobuichi, Kuuchuu Yosai, Koku, Mikeo, CHoco Chip, Piromizu, Refeia, Yuuki Hagure, Ikkyuu and more.


Our flagship product is a 60cm tall articulated doll of Mirai called Smart Doll - this will be released in May 2014.


We are also developing a robotic version of Smart Doll - not only can she move but also let you know when you get mail, Facebook, Twitter notifications and more.


This photo covers some of the Mirai merchandise that is readily available now - Moekana & Moekanji, Mirai Nendoroid, Mirai Figma. Smart Doll will be due out this May.

The mobile app MiraiClock3 is available for free on Android and iOS.


We've uploaded a load of high res Photoshop files for your personal use - go make posters, wallpapers, T-shirts and wot not but for your own personal use please ^^


A loaf of folks all over the world have done fanart of Mirai Suenaga and friends - we hunt for fanart on Pixiv and Deviantart and the usual social networks - we then stick them in the official Mirai fanart pool on Pinterest.
All artwork is outstanding but we usually contact the ninja outstanding folks to do commission work for us.

Folks who do fanart are free to sell prints or merchandise that features their work - no need for permission.


A load of folks also cosplay as Mirai and her friends too - we try to find them all on the social networks and post them in the official Mirai cosplay Pinterest pool.


You can connect with Mirai on her official Twitter & Facebook account - although its her manager (Danny) that looks after them ^^;



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