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Today we are going to have a look at just some of my unboxed Nendoroids ^^;

For those who dont know, Nendoroid is a series of figures from Good Smile Company where the characteristic is a huge head on a weeny body.

There are different types of Nendoroids - the standard ones (about 10cm high), Nendoroid Puchi - trading figures that cost 500 yen each and are about 5cm tall.
Then there are Nendoroid Plus - Nendoroids which are either a collaboration effort between two companies or there is something particularly special about it.

I think this one of Melissa is my fave out of the lot - just love her bright face.

What?! Nendoroid fans may not have seen this one before - find out who she is tomorrow at the official Good Smile site in Danny's corner.

Nendoroid Puchi Shana - she comes with one of the Shana DVD's.

Been reading the manga Kemeko Deluxe - cant wait for the anime to start later this week. PV below.

Thats MM you see peeking out of the Kemeko unit.

Inside the Kemeko fits a full sized human - a bit like Dr Who's Tardis.

And this is Kemeko with MM fully inside. This is actually a Nendoroid Plus which joins onto the MM figure made by Max factory - review after the anime is out.

Very funny manga - does have a bit of fanservice but does not focus on it like To Love Ru does.

Haruhi from the same set.

You can see the other members at Danny's Corner later this week.

And if you want to see what the secret figure is then I've only posted it at Danny's corner which you can see here.

Rei Mii from Zoids.

Moetan. Most Nendoroids come with 3 sets of faces. I keep Moetan on this face.

The Nice Boat knife.

Dont remember much of Asakura. Probably time to watch Haruhi again.

Konata Elegance from Zoids.

Mikuru does Gachapin cosplay.

Kemeko does Mikuru cosplay.

Mikuru-chan kawaii na.

Haruhi Nendoroid desu.

Hatsune Miku Nendoroido desu. I like Miku because you can display her without a stand - her twin tails stop her from falling over.

Mikuru from the 3rd Haruhi set.

Yuki in bridge gear.

You can see the rest of the team at Danny's Corner later this week.

Mao from Doki Doki Majo Shinpan - the feel'em up game for the DS.

Enpatsu Mikuru Ver.

The Mikuru froggie is my fave Nendo puchi.

Tambourine girl Mikuru.

Mikuru and Peke.
And thats the lot for today. I used to think the Nendoroids looked a bit odd at first - especially after collecting just standard scale figures.
Now that I'm surrounded by them all day at work, I cant get enough.

I remember when I started to blog about Nendoroids - I saw many comments from users saying that they thought the Nendoroids looked odd - have you been converted or do you think they still look strange?

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