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A Week in Tokyo 25

Posted by Danny Choo On Sat 2008/09/20 11:21 JST In A Week in Tokyo
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Dont know what it is about tall views but it always gives me a load of energy when I'm back on the ground floor.

Recently discovered a nearby block of offices where one could go in and head to the roof.

Will be back there to take some pics at night too.

My views from the Amazon and Microsoft offices were similar and I spent a lot of my break time looking out at the window planning my next step in life.

At times of uncertainty, going with the flow of life is important. As events unfold, you then start to realize what steps you should take next.
However, as you go with the flow its important to also take time out to plan your next steps in life. Where would you like to be in a weeks time? What do you want to have done in a months time? What will your accomplishments be by this time next year?

Living life without planning is kind of like driving without a map. You may encounter fruitful experiences on your way but if you know that you want to get to "X" then having a map (planning) will help you get there earlier.

I gave myself a goal of starting my own business at 35 many moons ago. This meant that I would have to give up a stable salary and take that leap.
The years of planning helped me a lot to prepare all the pieces that I needed - many of it being learning stuff (Japanese business laws etc) ,networking with people in the industry and gaining experience programming etc.

How often do you take time out to plan your life?

Raw egg mixed into a beef bowl (gyudon) tastes lovely. Hmmmm. Will probably have that for din dins today.

On a hot day, Haruhi helps me cool down.

Lunch at the Korean place around the corner.

Back at the katsu place again. Cream croquet filled with crab meat.

Japan gets prison break too but it only shows on the extra satellite channels - we also get it very late. Does Prison Break show in your region too?
What do you think about season 4 so far? I've been watching it since season 3 and got hooked. Seasons 1 and 2 just as good?

One of the great things about living in Japan - you get to see lovely girls on the streets. Rio asks you to join her for some fun n games.

Mikuru Uncho joins me for lunch. Nice shita pai.

Spaghetti lunch - 880 yen.

The neighbors go fishing from time to time and bring over extra catches for us.

A stroll at night after dinner. The cool and breezy wind is lovely.

BLT lunch with Kagami.

Matsuri time sees many lanterns decorate the streets.

An afternoon of coding. Still working on the detail page for news items. Want to roll that out this weekend.

Costco sells great sushi!

In the lounge watching Smap X Smap with Kagami. Some old Smap X Smap below.

Tempura on cold tsuyu with rice - perfect for summer and a bargain for 660 yen.

Buta Nan Ban Ramen - 880 yen.

On a hot day, bikini Mirai helps me cool down.

Click the pic to get a closer look - probably the strangest thing I've seen in a window.

Would you eat at this ramen place?

Whats the strangest thing you've seen in a window - Japan or your region?

Shooting the last Figma Theater. I write a script before I start shooting so that I don't need to change around the lens all the time.

Kagami is just too cute.

Some Curry Ramen at the new place - 800 yen.

On the way to the Good Smile offices. Here we stop outside an internet recreation place - 280 yen for 30 mins and 100 yen for every 15 mins after that. Net cafes also popular in your region too?

The red lone carriage races with us.

Meetings at Good Smile. Next milestone is October 1st.

Mos Burger for lunch - 990 yen. Kagami gets a new figma scarf.

We do indeed eat at home from time to time - white fish, vegetables and butter baked in a bag.

Tsukasa joins us for din dins.

A close up of the artwork you saw the other day in the Kagami Hiiragi review. The artist name is Ken Taya and when hes not illustrating, hes working at Bungie on games like Halo.

And you can make out the Tokyo Dance Trooper on the left.

A sign at a construction site warning workers the dangers of Hyperthermia.


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