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A Week in Tokyo 24

Posted by Danny Choo On Mon 2008/09/08 07:38 JST In A Week in Tokyo
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Been one of the busiest weeks so far and this is how I felt like yesterday night - absolutely knackered!
If you have not seen it yet, check out the Japan Public Sleeping article. Thanks to Hector for taking this pic.

After a packed weekend of Chara Hobby, the week started off at the Good Smile offices for filming and pre-launch meetings of the English Good Smile site.
Quick Japanese lesson - the Japanese use the term "MTG" as a short form for "MeeTinG." Only first came across that term when I started to work for Microsoft Japan.

Occasionally got time in the lounge to open the new boxes of figures that appear.
The beverage is hot milk coffee and this is what happens when you leave the milk in the microwave for too long - it bubbles up and goes all over the gaff.

Katsu lunch set - about 680 yen. Mikuru in ripped sailor fuku with big eyes showing - priceless (literally ^^;)

A load of furniture thrown out awaiting pickup.

The Lovely Tsukasa joins me for some Kaisen don with a bowl of Udon on the side. 900 yen.

Nice (small foldable) Bike.

We be eating at home occasionally served by by Mikuru-chan.

I do try to drop everything and go with wifey for a few rounds of badminton. This is the town gym. 200 yen each for a few hours. Are you the sporting type and get to the gym every now and then?

No we didn't use Tsukasa as an extra shuttlecock ^^;

One of the activities that I devote time to is cleaning up - the pack of liquid on the right is table polish refill for the spray container on the left.

Figures need to be dusted down every few days or they not only get dusty, they accumulate some sort of oil (?) not sure whether its from the humid climate or from the paint.

I also find it difficult to work in a mess which is another reason why I like to clean up a lot.
During the process, I would also throw away stuff I don't want so that I can easily find the things that I do want which is another thing that helps me save time.

My parents have a habit of hoarding crap around their house which they will never use. As I get older, I realize that I acquire the "will keep just in case it comes in handy one day" and then end up with a ton of crap ^^;

What I try to do is keep something that I think I may need and if I come across it within the next x months without touching it then it goes in the bin/gets recycled.

Do you or your parents hoard stuff around the house and find it difficult to throw things out?

Bistro lunch - 1,000 yen.

On the road to somewhere I cant remember ^^;

The Wonfes Yuki version - she looks great without her cardigan too. Pasta lunch is 990 yen.

Extreme heavy rain in Tokyo. Very humid too. Yuk.

But then the heavens apologize after with crisp sunny mornings.

Mid week table. Hmmmm. Definitely too many figures ^^;

Tsukasa and Tempura don. 680 yen.

Then towards the end of the week was G4TV filming in Shibuya with Kevin and Olivia.

I've opened up the MBP so many times now that I can now replace the drive in less than 10 mins ^^;
Steps on how to open and replace the drive in the Mac Life 3 article.
Do you dabble in opening up your machines or leave it to somebody else?

Been a Metal Gear Solid player since the PS1 version over ten years ago. Only just got my hands on MGS4 as I knew it would be just sitting there if I got it earlier.

Not sure what it is but there is something missing from the game. Graphics are nice but nowhere near as smooth as Ninja Gaiden Sigma.

I usually play for just over an hour while peeking at the clock from time to time - I would only play for as long as I feel that I earned it. An extremely hard day at work would mean I give myself more time. If I feel that I didn't accomplish as much as I wanted then play time would be shorter ^^;

Whats the longest you have played a game for in one session?

Tsukasa n Sushi.

Discovered that I had one too many Maxtor drives - quickly went and ordered a few TB worth of drives to replace them before the Maxtor's decide to suddenly die - one of them did die just after I replaced it ^^; I chose 5400 RPM Western Digital for backups and 7200 RPM Hitachi for my main drives.

The most popular drives over here are Toshiba, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Samsung and Western Digital.

Now got a 320 SATA 7200RPM Drive in the MBP which is cloned by SuperDuper to an external 2.5" drive daily. Cant afford down time with my work so the external clone will get me up n running immediately if I boot from it.

Also take backups with TimeMachine but restoration will take a few hours - a few hours that I wont have in the event of a disk crash an hour before a presentation.

Setting up more external drives for backups. I keep two copies of everything and irrecoverable data is encrypted and stored on Amazon S3.
Am also stuck with a few IDE cases - need to look for IDE to SATA adapters.

A few Maxtor drives - currently functional but don't want to risk wasting time when they suddenly go doo dah. Will destroy and dispose.

Just a few bottles of Circus Water left ^^;

Near the end of the week is a party held by Good Smile and Max Factory. Attendees are game manufacturers, anime and other figure folks. Will cover this in another article.

The office this morning. The ceiling Ikea lights died. When I took them back, they said that a few Ikea items are not compatible with the Japanese climate. Due to the humidity, certain lights fail within a short time and shelves drop as the wood expands. Have you had bad experiences with Ikea stuff?

Made a tough decision to store some of the figures away. I felt that having too many made it difficult to appreciate the beauty of them as they were bunched in a corner.
I'm sure this will change after the next batch appear though ^^;

Speaking of figures, Danny's Corner over at the Good Smile site will soon have stuff before its released so keep em peeled.

The figure shelves next to me get a reshuffle too.
Those Queens Blade bases are so darn big. Need to think about how to make my own figure bases.

The figures finally take over the Shelf O Gundams. Kept my fave 3 on display.
The GFF Gundams are currently in a box and will take em out when we buy another house.

All article photos get uploaded automatically to my Flickr account but photos in my news items don't because of the way the system is built. From now on I will stash some of the previous photos from my news items at the end of my Week in Tokyo articles.

Below are some photos previously posted in my News Items.


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