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Posted by Danny Choo On Sat 2008/09/06 09:18 JST In Japan
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Comrades from G4TV were in town from LA for a week and we thought it would be great to so some stuff together.

The first thing I suggested was that we film at Goodsmile and you saw the photo coverage a few days ago.

The next thing that we done was get to Tokyo Dance Trooper district - Shibuya.

Here are presenters Kevin and Olivia introducing the start of the show which will air in the US on November 15th-ish.

We cross over to the huge Starbucks and set up store.

Olivia and I practice some moves while waiting.
Olivia is of Chinese decent on her mothers side and was raised in Shinjuku. She became a model in the Japanese fashion industry and then moved back to the US settling down in LA. You can read more about her at Wikipedia and what shes up to at her burogu.

The camera men and sound operators were local freelance folks. Many gaijin doing well working for themselves over here.

A quick get together before my interview.

The three cameras are in place and we start shooting without rehearsal.

We only took one shot and I know I could have answered in a better way ^^;

As you can see - t'was very hot indeed.

We talk about why I do this and whether I would go to LA to do the same thing if invited by G4TV - "sure thing!"

About to wrap up the interview.

Olivia becomes princess Leia with a light saber.

We do a few moves for the camera while Kevin gets changed.

I just got my copy of MGS4 and forgot how much I loved the Bikkuri mark above the soldiers head - you will be seeing more ^^;
Caption that photo.

Ah, and before I forget, my PS3 ID is dannychoodotcom - feel free to add me. I will be in Metal Gear Solid Online getting shot.

We were filming for just over an hour and the police didn't come over at all. I guess they were enjoying the show ^^;

When I get back from trooping, the first thing I want to do is remove the armor and the last thing I want to do is to clean it ^^;

Previously, I used to spend much time wiping down the armor with paint thinner which is great for removing dirt. Would also spend much time performing maintenance.
These days however I tend to just hang it up which is bad because bits start to fall off while trooping. Today, the right shoulder fell off ^^;
Luckily me has bits n pieces to mend broke armor in the utility belt.

Leia was more popular than the trooper ^^;

Some of the other team members.

Kevin comes as Obiwan and we start to do the Tokyo Dance Trooper threesome thing.

I remember when I first got the armor - took 20 to 30 mins to put on. Now takes about 3-5 mins.

I know I'm really behind in my trooper videos lately. Still owe you Shibuya Rock Trooper, Kung Fu Trooper and Maggie Trooper. Probably need to hire a video editor soon ^^;

Caption that photo.

There are a few things you should be wary of if out n about in armor.
1.Vision is limited - everything is green (depending on your lens color) and you cant see down without bending over. Must always look out for little kids.

2.Bits fall off and if you are alone then it can be bye bye to that piece unless folks around you are kind enough to pick up and chase you. The black thing on the floor is the net for the blaster which I dropped.

3.Keep valuables under the chest armor and watch out for other bits n pieces in other pouches. So far I've had no issues with people taking stuff although if they wanted to I probably wouldn't notice ^^;

Quick saber fight.

About to wrap up.

Some Korean military folks over on holiday?

Filming done and I've lost 3 pints of sweat. Prancing around in a mobile sauna in the heat must do wonders for my health ^^;

One of my next goals is to get into a girls high school to do some filming. You see school settings in anime all the time and I want to show you what its like inside a real school. I personally would like to shoot at an all girls school but would like to hear your feedback first. And I will make sure I choose one where they have cute uniforms ^^;

If there are particular schools that you would like to look at then let me know.

A few photos before its back to the office for more coding and then off to a party with the Good Smile/Max Factory and anime/game industry folks.

Thanks to Hector for taking the pics.


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