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A Day at Good Smile

Posted by Danny Choo On Wed 2008/09/03 17:43 JST In Japan
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So you probably know by now that I spend quite a bit of my time at Good Smile but what is my typical day like in their offices?

Up at 6AM, leave house at 7:45 and arrive at the Good Smile offices for a 9AM meeting with the boss.

9:40AM. The comrades from a US TV station arrive to shoot behind the scenes at Good Smile. Here we go over where the camera will go and what can/cant be filmed.

After a while, I go around the office looking for cute girlies to take pics of.

The snacks desk. All the companies that I've worked at in Japan have a snacks desk filled with yummies from visiting clients. You have the same at your work place?

Kagami. Want. Eat!

10:10AM. We do the sacred shrine first - the room where all the figures are made.

A fellow Londoner and comrade from Berlin.

Aha! Hes painting the...

I spy Shanna DVD box which I still have not finished ToT.

Which is your fave Shanna girl? I'll take Kazumi.

A load of yummies being sculpted - stay tuned right here to see what they are soon ^^;

I start to salivate when I'm in this room looking at the stuff that wont be announced for months to come.

If you know who this guy is then you probably know what show this is for ^^;

10:40AM. Then its filming Aki-san (Good Smile boss) at his desk pretending to work ^^; Guess who influenced him to switch to Mac ^^;

Interestingly enough, most of the Good Smile employees don't have figures at home - one of the reasons given was because they work with and are surrounded by figures all the time ^^;

Do you ever feel the same? Would you like to be surrounded by figures at work and at home or would rather have a break from them?

10:50AM and wrapping up at Aki-sans desk.

Then its a quick wizz around the office.

11:00AM. Then its time for Aki-san to be interviewed - off to the meeting room.

That camera cost 5,000,000 yen - lens alone was 2,000,000 yen @.@ !

And while they set up I wander around and spot the Decomas (Decoration Master's) for the Shuraki figures and other goodies.

Aki-san picks up his fave figure - Char Rhousemann and demonstrates Cast Off.

11:30AM. Nearly time to wrap up interview.

Playing with a few soon to be released Figma's.

The Figma Rin and Len are the Decomas versions.

11:40AM. Interview done and time to move tables to other side of the meeting room for a group shot.

All the Good Smile employees gather and some pick up their fave figure. Aki-san pulls me into the middle of the shot ^^;

Here we do a few rounds of shouting out slogans and what have you ^^;
Aki-san has done very well for himself. Hes about the same age as me and...actually, I think I'll save his story for another article ^^;

12:10PM. Time for lunch with the team and US TV crew at Indo Tei.

The food here is just fantastic. The stone carvings outside the restaurant are also made by Good Smile.

13:35PM. After a long lunch talking stuff and seeing the camera crew off, we head back to the office for a meeting with the web development team. Hmmmm. Whats that being displayed on my MacBook Pro? ^^;;

Hopefully I can announce what it is tomorrow.


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