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Sun 2009/03/08 07:11 JST

Just rolled out code for an experimental Catfish nav menu that sticks to the bottom of the browser which should not shudder or jump about when you scroll - lemme know if it does.
The reason its called "Catfish" is because it sucks to the bottom of the browser - like you see the common catfish do on the bus on the way to school.

Apart from content, its also important to work on converting new visitors to the site. One has about 3 seconds to convince new users to stay on after they land through a referral or search engine.

Just imagine you was plopped in the middle of Monument Valley in Arizona. You know that you want to get to New York but don't see any maps or guides to help. The Catfish nav menu is mainly designed to help new users and highlights the main areas that I want them to discover.
I've just rolled it out and notice that new users are already using it to navigate to areas rich in original content. Right now, the 3 most clicked on items are in the following order.
And I just noticed the views of my Japanese profile page go through the roof!
This is perfect - Just according to keikaku ^^;

Will be continuing to observe user behavior and will reflect observations into the design and execution of the Catfish nav menu.

The height is 100px and the reason why its thumbnails is because it gives users more info on what they are clicking on and increases conversion rate - this is why the header always had thumbnails previously.
But I got rid of the thumbnails mainly due to the fact that current users hardly used the top navigation but affected conversion for new users - now I have the best of both worlds ^^

Current users who know their way around can either hide the menu once by clicking "Close Once" and you can also hide it forever by clicking "Close forever and ever."
The setting is cookie based so if you clear your cookies after each session then stop looking at pr0n sites so that you don't have to!
If you want to see the menu again - you can reset it from the secret menu at the top. I don't really expect current users to use it though as you should know your way around by now.

I have done QA on Mac Safari4/FF and Windows IE7/FF/Safari4. Did not bother with IE6. If the settings don't save for you then lemme know your browser type and or post screen shots of your problem and I will look into it.

And for the folks who cant stand the UI - use the RSS feed or subscribe to get updates in your inbox by email instead.

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Director for Culture Japan. Creator of Mirai Suenaga. Member of the Japanese governments METI CIIC.


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