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Posted by Danny Choo On Sat 2008/08/30 14:22 JST In Mecha
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Yikes - has it really been that long since the last Gundam article ^^;
These were taken today at the Chara Hobby being held this weekend at Makuhari.

Looking at the Gunpla made me realize how much I miss making them - the Unicorn looked especially cool.

The only real notable news was the new articulated series that Bandai is launching called Robot Damashi which I covered a bit earlier in the News Items.

Readers who have been with us for a few years will know that started to become popular due to the Gundam content which I used to post daily. I also had much time back then to make Gunpla.

Now that I need to spend more time on running my company, I find it difficult to make time to make Gunpla and thus have not really been in the loop with Gundam anymore.

Folks who miss the Gundam stuff can always keep up at Gunota.

Now that the readership has changed a lot, am wondering how many Gundam fanatics are out there?

More Chara Hobby coverage tomorrow and you should expect to see more at Moeyo and Akibahobby.
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